(useless) temporary decision to quit youtube

i have decided to quit making youtube videos. note this is a temporary decision i have not decided when im gonna quit or not but this one is a temporary decision

why exactly?

dislike bots/mass disliking/hate

ever since i uploaded a video on technolove, i have received multiple dislikes which made me feel really unhappy and angry, mostly because of the description i think which was just an opinion. this continued all the way to present day and ive been attacked on every video uploaded within the 6 days from technolove to now. the worse of which is rainy hillside. i received mass backlash of 30+ dislikes.

the main reason for this was drama. people started to suddenly hate me by sending me hate comments, making a group chat in discord to tell them to mass dislike me by linking them the video and telling them to dislike my videos with 16+ dislikes. most notable that had happened to them was not just me but the people that were affected as well. i suddenly started to drop motivation from making videos now due to drama and hate

dislike botters that i know so far is manhtuan and arzu (she stopped now). i am very certain that mass disliking is coming from other servers or in a group chat made by people that hate me.
the only reason why im doing this is because its to encounter the mass amount of dislikes/dislike bots because i want to make sure i dont rust. last time, i had to quit for 4 days. most of the people that dislike the videos are because of jealousy

i have not decided when i fully quit ill still be making community posts to keep this channel alive

don’t expect tips to help me since dislike botting breaks the p rating


tldr: im temporary quitting youtube

I remember watching a video on you and about how you were like a per**rt or something.
That’s probably why you’re getting hate.

let’s not

Talk about that ok.

Oh…I really like your videos, it’s sad news for me about this, I hope the dislikes will never come back in this amount…

Sorry for my grammar.

still don’t understand what is a tl;dr or tldr
idk what does it mean

are you okay or something

you shouldnt leave just because some idiotic user is saying peoples to dislike you

be yourself and continue your stuff

ill always be your fan


i am the only youtuber receiving 1-30+ backlash on all my videos and not anybody else is receiving it as well. they think im the bad one here just because im a pro.

wow please don’t flex
im a noob : (

are you dumb? its literally because of you being a creep to hydeinsight

dislike botting/raiding is not the right thing to do but it doesnt justify that youre a creep
seems like youre trying to cover up stuff

let’s not
i don’t want to talk about that anymore


Anotação 2020-03-25 143841

lol I know it’s drave but I jsut wanna post this.

you and i have no proof that’s him because he never told me that he dislike botted without pictures of him doing it

You’re right, but he is suspicious case in my opnion.

3 comments of he apologizes, suspicious…

Sorry for my grammar.

12 M I N U T O S A T R A S


portuguese or polish? :thinking:

You’re really asking or it’s a joke?

It’s portuguese

i was really asking

oh ok

why is spanish and portuguese so similar i hate when people say that portuguese is spanish<!!!