V 2.1.2 Release Date

[MEGA Map Pack [WIP]] V2.1.2 Is one of the most HIGHLY Anticipated updates of many in the Map Pack, bringing you a whole assortment of features, map updates, and extenstions, it also brings the long awaited map “Robox Patrol” with a new builder and a piece of the story revealed!


Guide: They’re so cute together!

On Friday [6/26/2020] V 2.1.2 Will be released!

If something doesn’t happen right [the probability of this is high] It’ll be on the next coming day

Saturday [6/27/2020]

We’re excited to push all of the new maps out to you guys, the Release Trailer will be released on friday FOR SURE though!

HOWEVER, if you are lucky, it may come today or tomorrow, expect a patch notes release tomorrow if nothing comes today!

Me and Guest/Alto are working very hard and we hope you enjoy the new maps and updates we have in store for you this coming week!

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