(V2.B Coming Soon) | Auburn Highlands [Hard]

ok one of the pics didn’t load

G0tTa fIX iT aaAaaAaA

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Well that didn’t happen…


Fall Is Here

(name suggestion btw)

more like


Okay so map development is gonna get delayed since I’m working on a new map with Supa and bunch of other people (once we actually get them in the team create). However I might work on this map a little bit so maybe expect so updates (also popp why do you need to make over-complicated names lol).


Why not. :eyes:

Also suggest what I should add for gameplay because my gameplay is as bad as a 1990’s Nokia Phone (okay that was bad lol).

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nokia is hard that means this map should be hard too

but it’s already hard

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oh yea i should also mention that i got a little bit of inspiration from marmalade heights. yeah there’s a lot i know.


whats that

ah yes i love that one

you mean the new awesomemagicmasterr map

the overwide map

tbh the map looks more like marmalade other than the other maps this is inspired by
the eye on pfp approve

okay so you know the dude who made malignant mangrove? he made reckless ridge as well

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oh dang it thanks sugar
mac stop posting cringe

bruh moments

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i didnt overeact ok bruh

Replying just so more people can see this. I want more suggestions so I keep working on this, as of I’m losing motivation for this map.

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i was just going to revive this aaaa

I actually left that collab because of certain reasons. Now that I’m only working on two maps, I’ll be able to work more on this.

how 2 be good at nature mapitas???

though the plastic green arrow in the spawn doesnt really fit

It’s neon actually. I plan to do more above average scripting, like tweening and stuff. The compass rose (i guess you could call it that) is gonna rotate and then one of the arrows is gonna tween to neon and change to green. I plan to make it be somewhat like popp’s maps.