(V2.B Coming Soon) | Auburn Highlands [Hard]

Okay I’m now working on this map. Fall is coming closer so I may as well work on it.

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Fall started on September 21st. You’re a bit late for October 3rd.


I was working on other stuff so I wasn’t able to really work on this map at all.

it was a good choice to discontinue my fall mapa :crab:

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Well yes but actually no

Well no but actually no
It sucked but had an original theme
I gave up on it thougu

Okay I put that in now.

You can barely tell but it’s there.

Okay just a question but is the tunnel too big? I’m just asking because it doesn’t feel right…

its fine

looks a bit small lol

that’s because it’s not the full thing. what i mean by that is the screenshot.

then it looks fine

decoration progress. i know it’s not much but its still something i should share. wip btw


is that hole like a acid vent or you fall down there to next room

you fall down to the next button yes. then you have to climb back up to reach the door and stuff. still not sure about it but it’s the least i can do here for gameplay. ill try to make this section of the map longer if i can.

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ok got it

finished the rails and stuff. decoration is about halfway here. same with gameplay (sorta)


that looks epic

when will this release so I can be 1st to upload aaaa

uhhh i think arc two broke my map

even when i went out of the place and went back in, it’s still there. anybody know how to fix this??