V2 | Heart of the Sea (Tank)

How you doing (omg its the real i did a thing :flushed:)?

So I keep forgetting how to properly format all my Item Submissions posts so starting from now on I’ll stick to this format.

I made this in only about 2 days or so? I’m not really really sure, but the meshes were kinda pain for me to make. This is V1 btw, I’m open to feedback & suggestions so I can make this way better. Anyways I’m on a time crunch so let’s just cut to the chase.


A sacred core that has been slightly disturbed. Who knows if it’s Poseidon’s gift or something you shouldn’t have touched.


This consists of three main things: the core, the anchor (+chain), and the water aura thing.

In total there are 51 Instances (44 are MeshParts, 1 is an Attachment, 1 is a PointLight, & 4 are ParticleEmitters).

The thing you instantly scrolled down to (aka Screenshots/GIFs)

Once again, always open to feedback. If you want to see old versions, be my guest, but keep in mind that most are quite similar to the current version because I just have small nitpicks lol


instant vote, these tanks are hella cool

maybe have the effects have diff colours

It’s glow, it’s not meant to be different colors.

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that looks pretty cool, GJ

Overall, the design is absolutely beautiful. But sadly it feels way to big for me. I feel like it would get in the way while you were in first person, and could be districting.

Deserves 100+ votes. One of the best tanks out there! :smile:

I understand your thoughts on this.

  1. I do agree that it is a big tank so I plan to make a more compact version soon. I just wanted to be creative with this tank, that’s all.
  2. I don’t really see how it’s distracting in first person. Nothing really blocks the head, most of the decor is below the head rather than above. The only thing you will really ever see is the chain and maybe the waves itself possibly below you, other than everything to me seems fine and doesn’t feel obstructing.
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Don’t really think 100, but I appreciate your support for this.

Yeah, I guess your right on the last part.

Minecraft reference :OOOO
Cool tank
+1 vote


holy frick

the chain is pretty strange and it looks like it will only work on certain packages, so idk

also maybe make those swirly blue lines beams so they are moving and dont look frozen or something?

+1 vote tho xd

I don’t really understand this part, could you explain in more detail?

I’m not really gonna do that. Water auras can be both not moving and moving. Also replacing all of them with beams makes it lose the 3D effect I want, where as Beams have more of a 2D effect, even if it has FaceCamera set to true.

Thanks for the feedback though.


Looks pretty good! Might need to add suggestions that might help.

You could add water circles (??) as auras near the heart.
Little drops of water that will occasionally fall from the chains
The aura around the heart must be neon with a transparency of 0.3 or 0.4

Design: 10/10
Effects: 8/10
Theme: 10/10 (original and creative!)
1st Person Vision: 9.8/10
2nd and 3rd Person Vision: 10/10

Overall: 11+/10 (you will now receive a vote and gif)

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Thanks for the review!

Don’t really know what I could do for that, but I’ll figure something out.

Originally was going to add but didn’t have the time to. Don’t know about it coming from the chain, I probably wouldn’t execute it well if it was like that.

Don’t really understand this. If you are talking about the water aura that goes around the player then I’d rather not do that.

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when i saw title i thought about Minecraft Heart of the Sea lol
kewl tank tho +1 vote

yeah i understnad the water part but what i was saying about the chain is that it looks like it may float on certain packages, like how the woman package has smaller arms and shoulders, it would look very strange