V2 Release 💧 Amphibious Billow

Status: Doesn’t have continuous updates, whitelisted


Note: Adjusting myself with the hate & criticism!

Special thanks to the testers:


Liquid State: Lava & Acid
Water count: 4
Map sections: 4

Map ID: pqc3al1
Creator: Theoquertz
BGM: Megaman Zero 3: Water City (Currently working on the Map OST)
Status: Released, Version 1 as of April 25, 2021, Finished.
Map Time Beating: abt 1:50 - 2:00+

Release Date: April 25, 2021
Map Entry: 11th FE2 Map (my remakes wont count)

Description: Hello there, I’ve been working on this map for a month and it is worth the making, this map is an Aqua themed map, an abandoned refreshing place that is about to kill you indeed, it is a water that would tase you till death (lol). I didn’t want to make another Crazy Map since it’s chosen much so I wanted to make an insane map, there isn’t even 1 aqua themed map existing in main game yet, and do you think this would be added once I improve some parts? Let me know.

Map Images: Release Day Version (Build 1)

Map Images: Build 2 Release

Hi im laithkhairudinjames



As gud as Era Tides! :smiley:
Time to make a wiki page…

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Wow what are ur other maps (besides Era Tides)
Also yes

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this is a amazing map, the few criticisms that I have with this map are only nitpicks (like the ladder to the second to last button being a little bit of a pain to get on and ladder-jump)

the good things that I find with this map is that it’s really nice to look at (with the details and colours), the consistent difficulty (most of the time when I die, I didn’t feel like I was killed for a cheap reason) the gameplay was well thought out, and that not many arrows were required to give direction and that the environment around the player worked well in pointing people in the right direction, and the few arrows that were there were clear and needed.

Well done with this map, it deserves my vote.

saw in the fop server, really like it

Thank you For letting us know


OMG ITS OUT XD! i cannot wait to play this

I do think that some of the platforms in the last section could use more detail, but I know you were literally just finishing it a couple days ago so no pressure lol


Design: 10/10 (this always happens in Theo’s maps lol)
Effects: 9.9/10 (the fog makes it even better)
Difficulty: 5/10 (Normal Crazy)

Overall: 10+/10

Awesome map Theo! 1+ vote!

no problem

4 escapees

Map Update + 4 Escapees Update

Updated bridge & adjusted lantern glow, also instance count increased to 4163.


also video (with Pirate City)



better than era tides jk both are epic

Vertigo System Revamp is next.

moment when I think you are referring to me