Valley Fields 🍃

Status: Legacy, Finished, Whitelisted

Description of Map

Hello people. Welcome to my 5th map. This map has been wip for like months and decided to finish it. The difficulty is easy and shouldn’t be too hard.

After escaping a unstable mine, you started to see light from the outside. It’s not as snowy as you saw entering the mine lift.

You decided to go to the light and now you entered a valley.

It seems there isn’t much people in the valley, it seems like some sort of place to hangout in. But due to a flood threat, everyone left. That was 2 hours ago. Which means you arrive in just about in time the flood rises. So let’s not waste time and get out of here until you found safety.

Map Info:

Map Info
Map Creator(s): InocularGaming
Map Id: 3745764056
Difficulty: Easy (Normal in updated version)
:loud_sound: BGM: Waterflame - Aftermath
Extra Info
Map Status: Playable
Part Count: 1406 [4541 in revamp)
Map Version: V.5
LDM Mode: :x:
Map update list

Map is finished and released to public.


Revamped the whole entire map and added more gameplay.


Added Lilly pads and those tall grass things added to the lake and other areas.

Removed those bordered planks,

Added wedges to some cave entrances or where those doors are.

Added more gameplay to the lake area.


Removed the lava in the last area (requested)

Extended the map.

More decor in the background.


Added people at the end of the map.

Made a separate version without people included.

Pictures of the map:

Original Version Pictures

Videos of the map:

InocularGaming (me)

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So uhh suggest some stuff for this map. Give me feedback if there is bugs or something wrong with the map, ok bye.

You know I think we have come to the point where we should stop using blocks for the ends of our paths. Like its okay if you like it more than wedges but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth tbh

Just quoting my post from another post. Yes it’s a serious suggestion.

This dirt below the grass is very thick. It should be changed, I don’t really like how it looks.

Some of the terrain isn’t really that smooth and it has a more polygonal look it to. I suggest making it a little bit smoother.

This part could use those border things or whatever.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I mean borders, I mean this:

But overall, it’s a decent map, I like it.

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there isn’t lava in an easy map but i like the map

Btw, this map has a “FE2” Build style, so thats why I doesn’t have much details.

It looks nice but a little cramped. I can’t play right now but I will be able to later, so expect a bit more feedback then

very kool


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lost woods

I mean thats in the end to finally kill any other people staying around but ok

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Someone Give me a clickbait title (don’t edit the topic title ok)

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I had known this map before, it is AWESOME! Very good details, great lighting, good script, incredible and perhaps creative environment (depends on my knowledge of maps), what a pity that the part of the cave is not very short, it doesn’t have many details, but, good work! :evergreen_tree:

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Cool actually, reminds me of a map I made last year

Lovely map, only issue i see is this bit of texture overlap on the first opened door but otherwise really nice job

cool and solid map

adding some vines would make it look more natural mmm

its a really awesome map but pics 2 3 and 5 seem empty

try adding bushes or more crates

looks ok for what it is, but some parts are kinda lacky

Ok. here is some stuff that will get added in the next update.

Adding borders in cave area as Vis suggested.

Extending the map more. (so I cant be beaten in 30 seconds)

Fixing some Z fighting or some stuff.

Adding Vines (on terrain and some platforms.)

More decor (Bushes, Logs, Rocks, etc)

Better Pathways

Better Platforms

Reducing the Dirt thickness from 2 studs to 1 stud.

Uhh suggest me more stuff ok.

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very epic

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So uhh I highly doubt that this map will get into FE2 so I’m just gonna stop using 1 studs for doing the FE2 style build and just use the 0.1 studs I use normally with my building skills.

To add like the decor ok.

Also kinda gonna make the map Future Compatible in case Crazyblox releases F.I.B. phase 3 once Roblox releases it to client.

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Also uhh when I add vines to the map, should I make the vines with parts? (Increase in part count so uhh I may union it) Or just a decal (basically the vines from infiltration)

  • Vines made from parts.
  • Vines from a decal.

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I prefer the vines made with parts.