Valley Heights Development Post

Welcome to the development post of Valley Heights, or Valley Fields sequel

So what am I building?
A valley fields sequel

What am I aiming for?
Aiming for FE2 style, aiming for either hard or insane difficulty.

Any screenshots?

So uhh yeah. Welcome to this post ok. Feel free to suggest anything except anything “detail” related as this map is aiming to get into FE2.


Ok first leak of the map.

So uhh please suggest me anything that will get this map a better chance to get into FE2. k thx.


try and make the map fit the difficulty you’re aiming for

that’s all i have not detail-related xd

Nice Detailed Enough To get into fe2 i think

And it happened again.

Me losing motivation.

Ok this time. No more upcoming maps.

I’m just gonna get my wip maps done and then start upcoming maps 1 by 1.

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Well it looks awesome until now!
Gl on the rest

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