Various in-game map shots on fe2


note that these are remakes*

*some may be just some leaked maps but i just redid the official game changes since those wiki photos can be pixelated


FE2 Pro Server (WIP, may be finished on Sunday)


do you really need to remake the entire map? why not just go to normal FE2 to take the pictures?

the wiki needs hi-qual pics

um ik but why need to remake

i dont have the real version


New photo!

FE2 Pro Server (WIP)

This is FE2’s 2019 pro server mode. Like the last one, its a remake so it may not be the most accurate representation but I hope it gets finished by Friday.

(edit 1: due to personal restrictions, i cannot finish this here project by friday but instead on sunday, please understand)

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okay you’re too good at remaking stuff

i just realized this is kinda old

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