🥬 Verdant Woods // 34 VOTES!

:sunny: For the best experience, play with max graphics if possible! :sunny:

Can you find the hidden Flushed Face??11!!? :flushed: (I’m ok with you posting it here, its really easy to find)

Creators Note

Creators Note

This map had multiple complications, some significantly harder than others, but I’m still proud of this map and I hope you like it.
this is also probably not my best work, but ill leave that for you to decide…


You and your buddy are venturing through the emerald forest in search of the mythical Flushed Face, and stumble apon this hidden area. you must save your friend and get out of this area. but at the end, you face yourself in a new territory. no-one has ever made it here that you’ve heard of, so what could be this other area… :wink:

Map Details :newspaper:

:bar_chart: Status: Finished, Accepting Feedback

:notes: BGM [As Of Now]: Mario Kart 8 OST - Wild Woods

:hammer: Creator(s): XxrobloxmsterxX (Bolarity)

:computer: Map Code: 7j54wm1

:compass: Max Time: 2:00

:skull: Difficulty: Normal // 2

:man: Rescue: :white_check_mark:

Ziplines: :white_check_mark: // 3 Ziplines

Slides: :x:

Map Pictures :framed_picture:

1st room has you go across some man-made structures, and zipline across the water while trying to escape the flood!

1st Room Pictures

2nd room is a very short room, and you traverse a small cave to get to the next area.

2nd Room / Mini Room

3rd room is like the 1st room, but more man-made structures were build and the escapee is in this room.

3rd Room

4th room is a swimming section, but it wasn’t always filled to the brim with water. it used to just be a spacious cave, with quite of a few wooden structures that have been broken down.

NOTE: This is one of the first times I’ve ever made a swimming section.

4th Room / Swimming section

5th room is home to very old Verdant Box Fort. and you traverse it and get to the zipline. the zipline runs through the water, which took months to make back in the day. the ending gets you away from the flood and you have entered a new territory, but what could it be?

5th room / Last Room


Detail Rating
  • Really nice, everything fits very well
  • Pretty good, although a couple things could be changed up a little
  • Nice, a lot of things could use an upgrade
  • ok, not a fan of the detail though
  • absolute garbage, get this away from me

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Gameplay Rating
  • Its Amazing, its comfortable and fits the difficulty
  • Its pretty good, some jumps are a little weird
  • its nice, although could definitely change a lot of things
  • Ok, but not a big fan of the gameplay here
  • So bad, please murder this map

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OST/BGM Choice
  • Fits Insanely well, only a new things would fit better
  • Fits pretty well, although other things would fit better
  • nice, but not the best
  • ok, not a fan of it though
  • garbage, I’m not playing this until you change it.

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Thanks :+1:

Thank you for having interest in my map
hope you enjoy it, thanks for your time

NOTE: I would like feedback/critisism if possible, not just “cool” and “awesome”, Or the other way around like “bad” or “garbage”

Have a nice day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ok I just saw this 1 minute ago lol

Anyways instant vote

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This map is awesome very well made good job man c:


Lovely map :pensive: :ok_hand:

I’d add more colors and experiment with lighting, but this is good! +1 vote

2 for 2

(2 votes in 2 minutes)

Ok for the soundtrack, It honestly seems a bit fast paced, and more loud for a forest type map in the normal difficulty, if you wanted to use a mario kart ost for this, I suggest Maple Treeway or something

also why are there wall jumps on a normal map

well they aren’t over water
so if you fall off them, you can try again immediately /:

I like it, but I dont know if it fits

Nothing to say, just better than my whole idea.
+1 Vote.

mIdEVil TraFfIc LiGhTS

But anyways nice map instant vote.
The underwater zipline is cool.

The only thing that you need improve is that swimming section (the detail) since I dont like too much

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well what parts of it?

the walls needs detail and it feels a bit blockyin the swim section ngl

there are a lot of wedges
im also not adding much more detail
part count is already pretty high


I like the pictures, really cool, i can’t play it yet but i’ll give feedback on gameplay and ost once i can.

10th vote

Time to rec :slight_smile:

lets gooo 10 votes
I thought it would reach like 5 by now
thanks guys!!

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me when mythical :flushed: face

can you find it? (its really easy to find lol)