Violet Laboratory [10 VOTES!] [OLD POST]

Status: Gathering Support, Whitelisted, Legacy

The map is actually aimed for insane, but i can’t change the difficulty category, so don’t blame me for it.

Description of Map
Nothing here, xd. This is just a map i created with my sister’s favorite color. She asked for it. :crazy_face:

Pictures / Videos of Map-

Map Image

Walkthrough by Me

Review(s) by : Jnakub20
The lava is slow because the EventString is broken that time. (1)
Yay! You played the updated version! With friends… (2)
“Totally easy insane.” -HexagonP

Review(s) by : BlasterITI, CantSeeMeRunning, PlaceRebuilder232ty
Trio gameplay, but failed so much. Atleast you’ve tried my map!

Review(s) by : Black_Reaper TheGamer
Nice review boi!

Review(s) by : Splice_Joe
oml im calling cops for calling this super easy insane

Review(s) by : TheRealSuper
Nice boi

Review(s) by : SpectralStar
Yay, an insane ratings, thanks-a-lot!

Review(s) by : xViperiOS
dat description tho

Review(s) by : Creepy 32100
oml that was amazing!

Review(s) by : suunytomb
“Fun Easy Insane”, i didn’t expected that, i expected “Too Easy Insane”.

Review(s) by : CharaTheKittn
It’s not cool, it’s doesn’t have Freezer Room like the old one. :confused: (1)

Review(s) by : Tyreew08
omg ok then

Review(s) by : CrazyDevst
omg a wr is this real idk

Review(s) by : GGexser
oh ok, next video i’ll be speechless cuz i’m tired now

Review(s) by : gradimirkarpiuk

Review(s) by : OMG Roblox

Review(s) by : Skilled Gamerz

Review(s) by : BreakThrough

Review(s) by : Zoramm I

Review(s) by : ImTotallyWaggy

Review(s) by : DozenCrackenz

Review(s) by Ben

Review(s) by : Real Toast

Review(s) by : FlameIce

Review(s) by : Hay hay games

Review(s) by : Troll

Review(s) by : @givemenamepls


Hope ya like it.

(Model is free! Take it and credit me.)

It’s kinda bland, but efforts are put into it.
ID : 1686871780

Update Log :

UPDATE 9/19/2018
Type : Buff, Decorative

  • Added little decorations;
  • Updated the Safe Zone room;
  • Buffed the Flood

UPDATE 10/10/2018
Type : Buff

  • Now the doors open faster;
  • Buffed the Flood

UPDATE 10/11/2018
Type : Buff, Decorative

  • Added cracks on walls, floors, and roofs;
  • Buffed the Flood;
  • Changed the last room’s looking;
  • Added 1 more button;
  • Added a secret;
  • New music

UPDATE 10/12/2018
Type : Buff, Decorative

  • Now work with @CrazyDevst;
  • Decorated the vents;
  • Added more cracks

UPDATE 12/17/2018
Type : Buff, Decorative

  • Buffed _Button1;
  • Now the “Swimming-Up” Part have pipe pouring water;
  • Buffed 2nd Room and 3rd Room;
  • Fixed some texture glitch;
  • Music Changed;
  • Updated Safe Zone a little bit

UPDATE 12/21/2018
Type : Buff

  • The “Pipes-walking” in the second room, has been buffed… A little;
  • Some buffs e.e

UPDATE 12/22/2018
Type : Decorative, Forum-Related

  • Will now no longer updates this post;
  • Some minor changes to the floor
  • Now work with @CryoHellish

1 vote <3

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Thanks! :relaxed:

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This is my opinion:

First of all the textures are very nice placed on the walls and floor, the only problem i have with it it’s the overuse of textures and same color.

It would be good if the jumps have more details and the walls too.

Make sure the room is fully completed with details and more, like broken floor, crates, lava and Neon Lines for the walls.

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bruhhhh read the map name plz

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Still, it could have some blue and white in violet rooms, and the black or violet colors in white rooms.

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Kk, i’ll make it later. Thanks for suggestions tho.

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dude how do i make the jump on the another room

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Hmm?? The second? Oh! The box isn’t anchored! You needs to push the box to climb the trusses!


I tried it out, and heres what I can say:
The Wall texture feels overused and there is very minimal detail
The moving doors are pretty cool
The ladders are really annoying to climb Tbh

Hope this helped : )


Thanks, i’m sure the map will be awesome!

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Thanks for suggestions! I don’t really have times when making it and eventstring is now broken, i’ll try fixing it!

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Revivo this topico

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cuz this is gonna b ded e.e

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Wow. do you mind checking out my newest map? I would love to see your opinion. Also, I’m not trying to put my map on your post, I just want to see what you think. The map is [NEW ID] Shades [2515388671]

The walls look bland, but nice map. An :ok_hand:

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What could I add to the walls?

Sci-Fi lines, hardware texture, or anything.

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Sci-Fi lines make me cringe :smile: