Viral Breakdown

Viral Breakdown is an underground facility that has been aggravatedly affected by a virus and has spread throughout the facility. The breakdown takes you through the ‘center machine’ of the facility.

Status: Completed, waiting for support.
Map ID:1297124316
Creator: iiRxnz
Part Count:- 2500 estimatedly, thus surely less than 3000
Average Solo Completion Time:-

Pro: 1:25
Newbie: 1:35

[Credits to @Spectator on Discord, robloxpies on ROBLOX for the first picture]

Ne ee …on Dont spam pls.

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This is impressive!

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wow that’s b00tiful

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but if i dont use all that neon, this map would lose its color and its meaning, its supposed to be transferring plasma, but it gets infected by a virus… if i dont use neon, it would seem as if the facility had been shut down…

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I cant seem to find the map in the map test :confused:

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sorry for late reply, its not listed on the list, but it is whitelisted, heres the ID:1297124316

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hi i am late and sorry for reviving

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haha looks like rblx didnt get to this post :)))

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omg yes

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alexa play xStep

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Guess who’s wrong

i mean seriously this map deserves attention

just cause it doesn’t have many replies in the post doesnt mean it doesn’t have attention lol

search this map on yt even gentle played it lol


and yes this has a new id lol!!!

lol omg!!!