Viral Breakdown

Viral Breakdown is an underground facility that has been aggravatedly affected by a virus and has spread throughout the facility. The breakdown takes you through the ‘center machine’ of the facility.

Status: Completed, waiting for support.
Map ID:1297124316
Creator: iiRxnz
Part Count:- 2500 estimatedly, thus surely less than 3000
Average Solo Completion Time:-

Pro: 1:25
Newbie: 1:35

[Credits to @Spectator on Discord, robloxpies on ROBLOX for the first picture]

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This is impressive!

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wow that’s b00tiful

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but if i dont use all that neon, this map would lose its color and its meaning, its supposed to be transferring plasma, but it gets infected by a virus… if i dont use neon, it would seem as if the facility had been shut down…

I cant seem to find the map in the map test :confused:

sorry for late reply, its not listed on the list, but it is whitelisted, heres the ID:1297124316

hi i am late and sorry for reviving


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haha looks like rblx didnt get to this post :)))

omg yes