Vividous Valley by 26mmiller [HARD] Sorry for Reposts...

well, hello again, my second map is FULLY finished… im sorry for reposting this 2 times, im so sorry. but it is fully finished and it isnt ugly anymore! i present to you all the finished Vividous Valley! it has wedges, group buttons, and is better in multiplayer!

Title: Vividous Valley
Song: Autumn Hideaway OST
Creator: 26mmiller
ID: 4850534600
and no free models this time, i swear


ummm, a beautiful cvalley that was made into land for a lab that polluted the area…


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thank you and i hope you enjoy my new map… sequel coming!!!

and im not saying please vote this time, its your choice and always was :slightly_smiling_face:

this looks good, I suggest add wedges on the terrain and add variates of trees to make it looks better.

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You definitely made a improvement from removing those minecraft gold blocks, but still pretty decent.

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looks fine for your second map. one thing i suggest is adding background terrain/details. it makes the map look even better and more realistic

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you know you can edit the original post

the original was deleted

what happened to the glow factory topic you made

how do i make skybox work? i had one but it isnt working in map test

im reposting it soon, i updated it majorly

you know you can edit topics instead of deleting them and reposting

the map is very blocky, i suggest you add wedges in the map

not bad at all, need more details, and there a lot parts that glitching together.
Results: Not bad details, but not too good and i liked the gameplay!
definitely thats a good map for a second time!

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Okay, this map looks fine imo. It is a little blocky too, so add a bit wedges in the map.

These brown walls with the Sand material don’t fit imo, I think they can be slate.img1

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bruh, basically it depends on him, because, sometimes people use sand on dirt, sometime people use slate on dirt and sometimes pebble on dirt.