Volcanic Chaos [Remake]

:bar_chart: Status: Finished, Looking for feedback hopefully

:newspaper: Description of Map

Oh cool we are here again with another remake by me. Uhh yes Volcanic Chaos is now real again. This remake looks accurate and all but the gameplay just gets me. Too lazy to fix so dont post that pls. also this is based on the hard version of volcanic chaos. This map is like as old from like 2017.

Original Map Topic here btw:

Map Info
Map Creator(s): Rezidy [Remake by: Inocular]
Map ID: 4912094710 (aka my usual map id for remakes)
Difficulty: Hard (Should be insane ngl, but ima leave it)
:loud_sound: BGM: Forgot ://
Extra Map Info
:bar_chart: Map Status: Playable
:brick: Part Count: I’m lazy
Map Version: V.1
LDM Mode: :x:

Ok images time

Yes there is a fence texture as the platform, its hard to see in this view

ok thanks for visiting

I honestly thought this map used to be impossible lol

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s p e e d

is this firey ascension v2?

no. plus this map was like from 2017 lol.



I’m laughing hard bro.

@Rezidy must see this masterpiece

I think he is still online on roblox.

But he isn’t in this community no more btw

He came online and he messaged me why? before leaving again