Volcanic Disequilibrium | Crazy

Wait, I’m actually using the forums again? Heck yeah!

Status | Whitelisted and finished; accepting feedback


On a planet close to Earth, civilization is happening on the planet Lavkeir. Lavkeir is full of lava due to a massive volcanic eruption caused by a meteor years ago. Humans have learned to harvest the planet’s lava for almost unlimited energy and other materials. However, when an earthquake cause pipes to burst and lava to flow, you’ll need to make it to the safe territory before it incinerates you alive.

Part 1 of the “Galactic Guldax” Series.

Map Info
Map Name Volcanic Disequilibrium (planned to have a change)
Difficulty Crazy (and my first serious Crazy too :eyes:)
BGM Nick Nuwe - " Chaos Attack" (5005323671)
Creator Me / RaxdiiGames
ID 276ui31
Other Info
Part Count 2,770 Parts + 23 Unions, 177 Mesh Parts = 2,970 Instances
Button Count 9 buttons (5 normal, 4 group)
Rescue Mission Present
Time to Complete ~1:43




This is my first outdoor map in a really long time, so if you have feedback, it’ll be appreciated!


in all seriousness, maybe dont use pebble for walls and spice the map up by decorating it a little bit more. and the trees uh

try to make it unique and different from maps you’ve seen as possible so you have a standing point in map making community and not receiving “generic map lol” every 3 seconds. other than that it’s decent so far.


although the blur is a bit too much, it looks really clean. great job

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Sorry radio this is not cogworks era so i cant vote :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


I love cogworks era its SO detailed. Ur map not. Lets goo

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You’re back!

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really well done.

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Minor Update | 3/28/2021 | 12 pm
Slate on this map isn’t too bad, may just keep it this way lol
Toned blur from 8 → 6
Changed grass color slightly to be more green than yellow-green
Added button interactive indicators
Added a gate to one of the slides so you cant skip ahead of others until button 1 is pressed
I’ll eventually remake trees but they aren’t my problem right now

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Thank you for the feedback, already was planning to change trees but i absolutely can not make them :pensive:

I’ve started some extra deco on the grass such as grass blades and flowers but I haven’t finished them


I played the map (Im soepic Lol)

You showed tree in chs dm what do you mean :rage::rage:Not epic Radio , lying??!?

I can make dead trees but not literally growing trees (why radio why :christmas_tree:)

Why are trees so hard to make jeez

I also just noticed that the boxes in this map is plastic and I forgot to change the material

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Planning to release a wip version hmm
Okay I guess here you go


Pretty funny version and doesnt have much yet

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I’m going to be big brain. And I also want to tell you that I don’t play FE2CM anymore so I’m going to talk about design.

Just looking at the pictures, even though they’re outdated, I can tell that you spent time and effort on this. Although it does look pretty basic to me. I honestly don’t like the lava texture and the same goes with the boxes as well. They both look like… plastic?

There’s nothing really to say, because it’s kind of simple and basic, as I’ve said. If this feedback helps with anything, then woohoo, I actually did something good.

Edit: I didn’t see this lol


I want to change this but what do I even change this to

The boxes are wood but due to lighting it looks like plastic so I’ll end up changing the material soon lol (prob to fit with the backstory/lore and the theme)

I need to actually make progress on the map now so I can have gameplay finished

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What about the lava? Same thing?

The lava is neon with 0.6 transparency, I did think of changing it :thinking:

Oh, it just looked like plastic to me. I didn’t think it was neon.

Will slate work for the boxes? Like will they not look like plastic?