Warped Nightmares [Update 29-03-2021]

Status: Whitelisted, Receiving feedback
ID: =ab3la
Part Count: ~2100 (2 unique MeshParts)
BGM: FE2 - Fallen (5968583663)
Buttons: 6 total (#2 & #4 are group buttons)

Map Description:
Basically Fallen 2021 V2, with a building style more akin to Marred Dreams.

It sure has been a while since I’ve made a complete map. This map may not have the most original theme, but I did have ideas for what a “Reimagined Fallen” could look like, so I decided to turn that into a map.

If you do decide to try this map out, it would be great if you left me feedback on any aspect of the map, be it positive or negative. It will help me a lot in future map making.

Map Pictures

Spawn/Button 1&2

Button 3

Button 4 (Outdated, Button 4 has been removed)

Button 5 (Currently Button 4)

Button 6 (Currently Button 5)

Button 7 (Currently Button 6)

Somewhere in the map

Update Log


  • Made slight changes to EventScript
  • Changed Button 4 to Group button
  • Added stones around the map (Thanks @Bluelution!)
  • Changed a few crystals around the map
  • Other minor adjustments

Crystals have been changed (Thanks @Vis!)

  • All crystals have been replaced with MeshParts (previously Unions)
  • Glowing crystals now have an outer glass layer
  • Spinning crystals now have particles
  • Spinning crystals will now grow when consuming parts of the map

With the new Agility Update contents brought to the FE2 Map Kit, I’ve made a few changes to the map!

  • Button 4 has been removed, and has been replaced with a zipline
  • The section just before Button 4 has also been changed to use a zipline
  • A rescue mission has been added (next to the current Button 5)
  • Wall jumps have been updated to use the new beams and textures

This will most likely be the last update for Warped Nightmares. However, if you feel like giving more feedback, it would be greatly appreciated!

No updates to the map unfortunately. Instead, I would like to give a massive thanks to @Kroha for including this map in Week 3 of their weekly map banner post! I haven’t been on the forums for a while, and seeing my map in someone else’s post was quite a nice surprise!
Here’s a link to the topic (Week 3’s entries):
[Week 4] Revived Weekly map banner - #33 by Kroha
Kroha’s name has also been added to the special thanks!

Special thanks to the following people,

  • Crazyblox for making Marred Dreams and Fallen in the first place
  • Validify for making Fallen remake/2021 and inspiring this map
  • xnv42/8y8x, JcOnRblx/Jc and SkillexasX for helping me with scripting
  • Kroha for including this map in Week 3 of their weekly map banner post

i can see an inspiration from fallen

this is also really nice

imagine if fallen gets replace with this o_O

I think it’s definitely better than Fallen.

this is really good.

Def better than Fallen, by a lot

This would be an amazing replacement for Fallen should Crazy want it to be replaced. Good job!

looks good
might need some bushes though
and rocks


On my way to make my own fallen remake

Very cool

I don’t really think Crazy would replace this with Fallen, but it’s honestly really cool. I like it a lot, though I think you could try and remake some of the crystals. I also think some of the platforms should be shattered a bit, just like in the original. Other than that, I like it.


could you elaborate on what you mean by “remake some of the crystals”?
i did also consider making the terrain shattered, but

  1. im too lazy
  2. i made the terrain stretch down into the void, and i feel like making them shattered wouldn’t look nice
  3. making them shattered would further show how it’s all made of cuboid parts and wedges (if that makes sense)

thanks for the feedback though!


I feel as if some of them could at least have layers like seen here:


I personally think the beams (while a nice touch) could be improved upon a bit. Since the beams are going inside the crystal (from what I’m assuming) there could be particles or something making it look as if something is happening inside of there instead it just going into there with no actually type of transition. You could also add slight particles coming outside the crystals, but I think it’s a bit unneeded. If you still don’t really understand, look at the image down below (which is not made by me btw, unlike crystal up above)


Again you don’t need to add this many particles, it’s just my opinion.

For the platforms, I get that. You could try and add fractured stuff (you could blender if you want to), but I don’t know how that would look.

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Let me add a bit more on to that. I played the map and I really love the concept of the crystals sucking up the obstacles like a black hole would do. In that case, you could try actually a bit more particles, but I suggest not to go too overboard with them.


understood. both the glowing and spinning crystals are just a single layer as i wanted to stay faithful to Marred Dreams and Fallen, however i might consider adding an extra layer to the glowing crystals, since a single neon layer admittedly doesn’t look the best.

as for the spinning crystals specifically, i will try to add more effects to them, and it may involve the EventScript. thanks for providing feedback, it’s greatly appreciated!


Yo great job

Amazing! This definitely deserves to be in fe2, could possibly replace fallen. I love this map so much!

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People like making fallen remakes lol
Guess what? i wanna make it too

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nobody has ever remade forgotten tombs :grimacing:

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Cool map tho