Was FE1 going to have a story mode back in 2011?

So a few days ago I wanted to recreate the 2011 lobby of FE1 and make a “remastered” version of it, so I looked for 2011 videos of the game. While searching, I found a lot of videos for this certain version, from November 2011.

While looking at videos of this date, you can see an under construction sign. I never got to see what was in there, so I decided to do some searching


(here was the sign)

A few months back, I found a game that was pretty much FE1 from 2011 (it hadn’t been updated since 2011), I found it interesting cause it had the old lobby and stuff.

So when I decided to check it, I found this. (This wasn’t really just to find out what was there, I also wanted to play a later version that wasn’t FE retro lol)

As you can see, there is a sign that leads to a cave saying “Story Mode”, there really wasn’t anything there other than someone looking at a paper, does this mean FE1 was going to have the adventure mode in 2011?



I also have a question, did this ever exist? I’m very curious now lol.

Idk why I made this, I’m just very surprised Adventure Mode was in development until 2016(?)


what the hell

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Adventure Mode would’ve been ACTUALLY fun imo

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That’s true, sadly it never got released :pensive:

Well time to send essays every time I reply


some people say adventure mode is actually fe2

That’s so cool…
I really like the exploration of FE1’s lobby now that I think about it, which isn’t really present in the FE2 lobby. You can look all around and find numerous modes…


Lol, flood escape forum got modified I think.

tbh it would be cool if feretro had like a hub and you could choose like from the earliest version (retro) to like 2013 or something
it had a lot of different stuff and yeah

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Irla sure did a good job on your profile picture


Story mode went through a lot of changes. Earliest I remember is when FE got dynamic lighting around 2013. It was put off over and over until finally it was scrapped after FE2 went into development.

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Fe2 done that task imo, although I haven’t played in a long time.

it sounds interesting ngl

Crazy might have went for prioritizing rooms before Story/Adventure Mode. From what I can tell, there might have been planned dialogs, just like a standard game.

It would be time-consuming to create such a deep story in the game. The amount of effort it takes to not only create the foundation, but also in how it’s programmed.

On leaked copies of Flood Escape, I noticed that most of the code is quite clunky, which might result in a lack of any significant update today.

In the end, Crazy decided against this, with the theory that he wanted to develop the game much quicker by creating more rooms instead of devoting the time needed to finish a single feature of a game.