Water Currents (*-On Sale-*)

Here’s a thing I made a while ago.

It’s basically water currents. You’re able to give water directional velocity, sort of like those videos of flood waters pushing cars downstream.

As you can see, it does what I described. Pretty neat, huh?

Here’s a proper video showing off the currents in a better way, could be loud.

Model Link : https://www.roblox.com/library/5991511973/WaterCurrents

Have fun with this, I guess.


Very neat, may I ask how you did this? Did you just add a BodyVelocity to the player when they touch said area? I really like this idea, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been actually implemented in maps like Abandoned Facility, since it makes sense.

The water itself uses a bodyvelocity that doesn’t like it’s value changed, so I literally just update the humanoidrootpart’s velocity depending on which way you’re moving, so the speed of the velocity changes like you’re swimming against moving water and stuff.

you should put this in one of your maps

This would be good for a waterfall in a map or a river!

i must say, for flood escape-based gameplay, this is a very creative feature. i would enjoy seeing something like this in later in-game maps.

Well, It’s on sale now. There isn’t really any need to credit me when using it, by the way.

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I noticed on the primary script that it’s kind of messy.

It’s instead getting the children of Model “Waters,” a direct child of Model “Map.”

Instead, create a function, create a table, get the map’s descendants, and add said descendant to said table, if string.find(–[[MapPart]], “_Water”) then.

the script itself isnt very effective but i see some potential for some maps, like a challenge map.

Also, does the script destroy itself when the player’s game state changes to nil?

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Pretty cool concept.