Water state issue

So before my map’s water, acid and lava were working fine.
Then after a few changes, I don’t remember, I tested the map again and the lava and acid had the same air reduction as water.
I checked my script and there are no influences for the water state. I checked the string value for the lava and acid and the name slot had Value, and the value slot had the correct state (lower caps [lava / acid] )
Can anyone tell me some possible causes and solutions to this?
Sorry I’m a bit rusty with this cause I haven’t been on roblox for about a year.

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send the script

give a picture of the script

then maybe we could find some mistakes

Send picture of script.

Also on the water part, insert a StringValue, Rename it to “State”

and I think you know what to put into the value slot.

If it doesn’t work, then send a screenshot then.

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Thanks! I renamed it to State and it is working fine now.

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