Ways to prevent Your Map Getting Buffed

  1. When You Whitelist Your Map. DO NOT Share The Id Of The Map With Anybody
    (Because Your Map Is Available to Get People Will Be Able To Steal It By Getting Access To The Map Id.

  2. If Your Model Has Sales And Your’re The Only Person Than Created The Map Use A Diffrent Mobel With No Sales (If The Model Has Sales And You Followed The Previous Step Then Propably Someone Has Found the Model)

  3. While Your Map Is On The Whitelisting Progress Make Sure The Name Is Somethis Than Nobody Will Search (In This Way The Map will Be Realy DIfficult To find In The ToolBox

If Nothing Of The Above Worked Then Your Map Was Taken Using Exploits.


hey uh
we didn’t need this but ok

Just For Everyone Who Wonders

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or you can just put it offsale when crazy buys it


If someone tells you to put your maps on sale don’t because they are map buffers!

thank god my maps only have 1 sale which is crazy h


A few of my older map IDs like Tiny Snowfall and Rejected EcoSystem (which you can go check their forums page lolo) have been bought by a few people but I haven’t seen anything suspicious. Now my newer IDs like Acetic Cascade and Cave Industry (check em out too lolo) haven’t been boughten by anyone except crazy. Mainly because of the fact of how Crazy’s inventory wasn’t privated a year ago but in February it was!

I’m gonna let ppl buff my map, every things free to use in my maps.

why don’t

They are free to take and buff, I don’t care

But buffs and nerfs are bad!

Well from this point on Ima let ppl buff my old maps e.g. biomes

nerfs are okay but only for maps that are like extremely hard and made by the creator. buffs are just okay if it’s made by the creator and if the original map was an easy or normal. but if they continue then no.

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just ignore them. i learned it.

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