We have GD and JSAB but no Stepmania or DDR or OSU! based maps

For one i’d LOVE to see a Stepmania or a rhythm game in general based maps. And if it happens i thin most likely they will be created by Henryriver and other pro scripters in the fe2 community but until then i really want your feedback on this idea of mine.

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Idk if there will be. Also why is this in Map Creation Questions lol

Oops my bad. I have to change that

Honestly it’s kind of a dumb idea. No point in making a map, for a game where you escape floods, when you’re going to make a rhythm game in it. Plus you only have 2 minutes of game time in a map. You might as well just download the game itself rather than make it in Flood Escape. OSU! and many other games are free o_o.

I’m not discourging you, you can build what you want, It’s just not the best idea.

Now I’m creating a map based in dancing line


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We don’t have any Rhythm Heaven maps either, but nobody’s talked about it since 2006.

Click the water circles to get to the exit

what is it

Stepmania gang :facepunch:

It’s the map you guessed in my unseless guessing post.

There is an entire tournament (happened some years ago) thats all about rhythm heaven called UKSRT2. Its a NotITG tournament still happening to this date. Now they are at UKSRTX (10) and are rn working on UKSRT11 lol