What and why are you hating some crazy maps

i love all maps but tell your what you’re hated and why have you hated some crazy maps :slight_smile:

sometimes the map consistanly lack gameplay, details, and stuff


yea cuz some times I hate my internet

some of the crazy maps (for example the god forsaken lingering enterprise) overshadow actual good maps


It mostly due to bad gameplay or sometime over detailed or both. Don’t get mad at me but it my opinion.

because of how the “trendy” challenge maps derive everything that fe2 is, which isnt all haha funny extreme hellevan mandragora

i hate a lot of the trending maps because they are all too similar, and their sole purpose is to “become the hardest”. theres nothing like “the hardest map”, if youre stuck in that hiveminded abyss of an opinion go back to jtoh, fe2 is not a place for you. they are devoid of any creativity, theyre the same, neon facility over, over, over and over again. they obviously have no other purpose than to be “hard” and attract the audience of brainwashed 9 year old kids who wet their pants with laughter when they hear the cancer of the meme that is “bobux” being mentioned a million times over and over again. these maps tamper the quality of fe2 community maps and general image. you can laugh how largely different fe2 now is to more stricter obby-like games like deathrun, the differences in quality are tremendously hillarious

another reason i absolutely despise these type of maps is that theyre extremely demotivating for other map makers who want a chance to get an actual map IN THE GAME. obv, crazy said its free real estate but being externally fed with views because you made a map that even an 8 year old could do is nothing actually benefitial. i dare you to search up fe2 and see what comes up next. ah yes, youre most likely gonna see videos like “HARDEST CRAZY!!! I GOT 9000 HEART RATE AT LINGERING!!!” or maps like mandragora, startup failure, or “eternal punishment”. personally they arent bad since im not gonna nitpick on the quality since i never expect people to rebuild the entire solar system but the fact they got some massively popular, are still as crystal clear as flowers in a prairie and create the chain almost impossible to break of people making the same overdetailed “extreme crazy” maps that have more of a chance to fit in jtoh is laughably ridiculous.

the overall expected quality after looking up “flood escape 2” is unbelievably low because youre gonna get tampered with the same extreme “crazy” in your eyes wherever you dont look, its extremely EXTREMELY rare to even see a good map actually come up in the search without having to see “The real challenge” or “lignering punishment (I SCREAM OMG)”. these types of maps are equivalent of obnoxious kids pointing fingers at you and saying “you will never achieve anything because thats how it is Lol!” at actual map makers who still glimpse on their barely possible chance spark of being noticed. with that is, it discourages people from making actually good maps that arent agitato because the map is some actually creative anglated sky kingdom with cool features and a lower difficulty

thanks for reading this collosal wall of text but i have massive issues with maps like these and its absolutely painful to see that crazy opened fe2 back in mid 2017 just to see fe2 become the next jtoh because someone watched too many geometry dash videos


One word explains it all why I hate it.



i hate alj cause
is so much hard, the map is like ‘‘underrated’’
details is bad, is confusing and have lazy work when beat you scream alot and is bad
id you die is like ‘‘yeet the pc’’

these “obbyists” have literally invaded easy roblox obbies, note that when jtoh didnt have a super big fanbase this wasnt that big of a problem lol
but after august/september 2018… oh boy

*overdrive buffs
*maps that just contain wraps
*rigged gameplay

i play obby games myself (stuff like jtoh, etc) but games like it are getting super boring imo


bet you 1000 robux most of the creators of these maps play jtoh lol


saw the creator of eternal punishment in jtoh once lo


you should hate it even more it has like really crappy design and absolutely garbage gameplay and is responsible for overshadowing actual maps

not a smart response Man.,.,

don’t mind me i have extremely terrible reasoning to back up my views

youve straight up told him to hate a map because you want it to be

Bad crazy maps are played over good crazy maps
371947 stud per second lava speeds
The only difficulty people play
and ya


most of them are stupid buffs of already existent maps or overall trash maps that put all their effort into the difficulty

basically it’s just made too much compared to other difficulties, and most of the maps aren’t that good either way

part of the reason why most crazy maps piss me off

good god why do the terrible low-effort maps have to get all the recognition?? seeing shizzy maps like startup failure and the real challenge and whatnot always getting the spotlight really grinds my gears, might as well make a low effort dark-sci buff and claim its the hardest fe2 map known to man right??

this is exactly why i considered if i should stop creating maps for fe2 altogether and move on to better communities

i honestly blame the fe2 youtube community and the damn obbyists for the downfall of quality of 90% of fe2 maps

god you don’t even wanna know how pissed off i am

edit: maps like beanos sometimes grind my gears due to how low-effort it looks, but at least it actually utilizes parkour elements!! some of you fail to understand that!!! its not entirely a bad map but i think it can be improved a lot


i hate how even crazy maps get overshadowed by these maps
last time I checked lingering enterprise has 2x the views as Mesosphere which is a big shame
mints maps are an excellent example of maps that are amazing but get easily forgotten
take lair o lethal, it’s a great map, except due to the youtube community it sucks because it isn’t IMPOSSIBLE 9282828 HEARTBEAT LEGIT NO HACKS NO ZOOM NO ROOT LINGERING ENTERPRISE (REAL) (EXTREME CRAZY) EXTREME BUFF VERSION 555 SEGS
like why