What box design should I use? [POLL]

Hi, currently working on another map as if right now.

However, I need some help to pick out of 4 different boxes as I’m not sure which design to stick with.

Please consider taking time out of your day to look through this post and vote at the end.


^ Here are the current designs 1-4 (Left to right) ^

I plan on placing the boxes in a stack in this part of the map.


If you like a certain design you want to see in the map, please vote in the poll below. Thanks.

  • Boxes 1 (Far Left)
  • Boxes 2 (Mid-Left)
  • Boxes 3 (Mid-Right)
  • Boxes 4 (Far-Right)

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If you have anything you want to discuss that involes the map, go ahead.

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i honestly want them all in the map

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damn try using the 2nd types
these are cool

Either 1 or 4 ones.

They are both good

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I liked this boxes, I think you should use both because It’s always good to have more types of boxes in an indoor map.

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All of them look great, and from that one screenshot the map looks great too

Thank you all for the feedback. I will now close the poll.

Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 12.39.18 PM

Dang, is that a texture?

Cuz that good

Yes, I made it in paint(.)net lol

Man it looks so 3D

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I might put it on sale for others to use, however I’ll wait until I’m done with my map then I’ll release it.

That texture looks really fitting for any map’
It’s really good

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