What can we do to make FE2 better?

What a burning question isn’t it ? Well i guess not that much people would give that question… (or not)
But me, with my brain cells i’ll try to answer it as much as possible cuz Lazyblox is too dumb to do stuff himself…

  1. Lack of communication
    This is something i already talked about in a precious topic but the problem still stand…
    No communication on the future updates or on how Crazyblox is feeling about FE2.
    You may say that Twitter and Discord are already enough ? Twitter is mostly used by Crazy for his personal stuff and rarely for updates and Discord… NAH
    (fe2 map test updates are not accepted here)
    So how could we fix this ?
  1. More updates about how Crazyblox is feeling (though i dough it would be a good thing …)
  2. Give other devs from FE2 access to the game, so they may do the updates instead of Crazyblox to
    give him more fresh air
  1. Adding fresh content
    Maps is what the community is craving for and… well it may sound weird like this but it may not work…
    (We will get to that later…)
    Though i dough adding new content every week would help make the game grow but a least people would have a least something to peek their interest…
    Boom Moon explain it better than me and have great ideas to give the game fresh stuff (here the link)

  2. New tools/kits
    For maps makers, tools such as a simplified tool to make water move/change state would help new map makers to get familiar with script, it would be a plugin that would register every water movement in a line of code, it would not help for bigger scripters, but that will help start new devs.
    Also the possibility of testing map in studio would improve avoiding mistakes in game, HENRYDO9 made a great vid about it so ya… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30t8gXvKYM4

For people that are more interested in cosmectics, kits such as a basic aura, buddie, tank, emote and skin would help greatly, it would work the same as the map kit, create and submit your creation.
The creation could be a tank in the back, or on any part of the body, a floating humanoid buddie to a drone, a skin made of mesh from completely made of parts; the possibility are endless…

  1. For map makers…
    Now we get into a real topic … map making
    For a long time we didn’t had a guide to make the perfect map and… we still don’t have it…
    Overdetailing, moving parts, killing parts, custom scripts, so much creativity thrown out of the window to better suit a linear gameplay.
    And this is where we hit our problem…
    Without a guideline, creativity is loved where boring maps are added, with a guideline, every map would look the same in term of gameplay and would just become too linear…

I’m too lazy to continue…


Maybe crazy should hire someone to help make the game


Also, I’m confused why eradicated facility is not in, as it has more than 2 times the votes for mysterium and is epic ngl

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O wait I realised why
Mass lag


votes don’t matter

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Ik lel

I think the problem is Crazy is lack of helping hands. He really needs some help. Even Jailbreak, is made by two people.


yes he lack helping hands, he doesn’t have that much of motivations to do anything just like map makers.

also this should be suggested on twitter rather than forum since crazy rarely online.


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I mean it is off topic

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I mean it’s not related to this topic

ok. I stop to make off topic

what you said before hand is off topic and has nothing to do with FE2

he alr stopped an i explained alr lol

i know, i just wanted to do it too XD

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