What discontinued map projects you are bringing back or never bringing back?

Ok here is my map projects that are coming back.

1: Abandoned Mines (Now Treacherous Mines)
2: Water Pump Facility (Next Upcoming Map)

Now here is the map projects that are not coming back.

1: Collapsing Base
2: Valley Fields? (Losing too much motivation.)

Now here are the maps that might come back or not.

1: Project Ruins (Probably not :/)
2: TRIA: Lost Sector (Fan made, but either yes or no)

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tunnels by floodescaper1 lol

why is yuo copi my Map !1!1!! :scream: :scream: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :joy:

projects that will never come back:

  • Scorching Hallows (Crazy)
  • Coma Exposures revamp (Normal)
  • Robot Testolarium (absolutely no way) (Hard)
  • Mintstburg Sandstorms (Insane)
  • Collapsed Base 2 (Crazy)
  • Toxicity revamp (Crazy)
  • Burning Foregrounds (Crazy)
  • Infrequent Catastrophe (Crazy)
  • Crystalleria (Easy)
  • Dismantled Deluxury (Normal)
  • Elevator Breakdown (Crazy)
  • Spectre (Insane)
  • Temple Flash Fluids (Crazy)

Maps that might come out:

  • Meltdown Breakout (Insane)
  • Crystal Forest revamp
  • Hardware Inundation 2020 version (2019 version will come back)
  • Clogged Problems revamp (Crazy)
  • Tempestuous Treachery (2018 map revamp that got accidentally deleted)

Never Bringing Back:

  • Beryl and only Beryl because it’s a mess.

Bringing Back:

Might come back:
Futuristic disaster (Just wasnt made for shadowmap but might find a way to fix the neon)
Disastreous Memories (might come back who knows)

Never coming back:
none atm

gyjhguyri lol

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Not coming back

  • dumb roblox hq map lol

Most likely not

  • some neon spam map
  • pirates Bay
  • The chaos
  • magmatic sanctuary
  • some pryo cryo map


  • Sequel to Self Destruct

Coming soon

  • NR sequel
  • Revamp of: Neon Factory, Overgrown debris, Technological Laboratory, Some Easy Map that is Unamed, Seaside Islands, Magmatic Valley
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Electro Mania
Dystopian World
Neon Forrest (??)
Nos Astra

New Maps:


What does this mean tho

map name

Hwo did I just figure that out

W- ?? no its a map name

Ok thx for confirmation

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I updated my List on which maps maybe will come back or not.

TRIA: Lost Sector. I was gonna make this in the past, but I feel like I don’t. There was 2 versions.
1: Original Version which was kinda good.
2: Second version, well it wasn’t good.

I will some day maybe after a year or so remake my easy map Flooding Airport. I need to add some obstacles, and they must be placed in correct places. That’s for sure.
I am not sure, though if I will remake The Hideway (yes it’s a remake of Autumn Hideaway). If it will be back, then it will extend the layout a bit.

wait how do you knwo???2???22??222

can i take one of the map names that crystalella one. i think i got the name wrong but it’s ok

I have a few:

  • Blu-Lands (Easy, blue sky islands, first map, absolutely awful)
  • Base Zero (Normal, arctic base, lost motivation)
  • High Life (Insane, small street, didn’t know how to execute)
  • Torn Terrain (Crazy, red grass cliffside, bad)
  • Cryogenic Laboratory (Insane, frozen laboratory, Cryogenic Blizzard came out when I started to build)
  • Seaside Grove (Normal, lost motivation)
  • Toxin Grid (Insane, grid of 144 10x10 stud squares Nemisis-esque platforms, deleted accidentally)