What games u play

-What games u play in general
(in roblox or another idk)
Anyway I play roblox(:O)
and that’s all.yeah

Why are we continuing these topics???
also, annoy me v3 exists

lol its not real

I edited to not get banned

he edited

ok I need more games to play
Im bored

I’m already aware, I do not need a second reply stating so.

so, now i have to go on topic

i like games which you build in the most, but in general I like

  • Jailbreak (intense gameplay, can be a bit boring after a while but interesting indeed)
  • Pokemon Brick Bronze (may that game rest in pieces, it introduced me to roblox and pokemon)
  • Welcome to Bloxburg (great building mechanics, amazing builders & creative ideas)

Those are my top 3 games (not ranked)

The others as of now are

  • Vehicle simulator (not a simulator and really fun, easy and enjoyable style, only issue is some friends can’t play due to you needing a decent computer to run it)

  • Obbies which don’t teleport you or clickbait and other stuff. (these obbies, such as mega fun obby, are much more enjoyable than clickbait obbies using a certain template and having millions of visits, such as escape spongebob obby

  • tycoons
    oh god pls no

Inoc does not approve Annoy Me V4

Games I hate the most

1-Adopt me
2-Jailbreak or madcity whatever
3-copy paste tycoon games
4-restaurant games
5-those 'bully story roleplay?'games

My best games

1-Fe2 ofc
2-bobby king,yes bobby king
3-h m m dance off
4-stop it slender
5- freeze tag or crusher Im not sure about this

Ok I used to play ONLY stop it slender then it got boring,I got total 1000 pages without a single robux paid lmao

Why so?

Boring and the ppl play it are sometimes rly toxic,I also dont like the content

that’s true, one time I get arrested and then that one dude starts spamming L in the chat because he literally wants me to rage.

It can get boring after a while, that’s also true, but I like the game overall.

try out freeze tag as they are too similar,but I like ft better

I sad

:w: vaaaaaast

You must be

i play games


wats dat