What happened to Kriscross102RB's scripting tutorial?

Hi, I used to have this ‘scripting tutorial’ by Kriscross102RB bookmarked because it helped me with map making.
I always checked on it to copy some scripts I forgot or thought would be cool to use in my map.
One day, I went there and it said that the page doesn’t exist.
Anyone knows what happened?
I’m sorry if it was deleted due to something controversial or such but I haven’t seen anyone talk about it so that’s why I’m asking.
If anyone is wondering what the link was, here:

Again, sorry if it was deleted for something personal or against the guidelines, but I didn’t see any reason for it to be deleted other than some scripts being stolen. But then Kris made another topic which was locked due to script stealing so I don’t know why the tutorial was deleted.
Sorry for bringing this up if something bad happened. I’m just confused.

it’s deleted because it have been remade (once again)

here’s the new one

Sense deleting old one and replacing it with new that doesnt have even half of scripts that old had? :upside_down_face:


Yeah as i am refixing the old one

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Should I make a scripting tutorial?