What is a disable diffuse script (stop telling me what the problem is)

So in studio, my lighting is different from what it is in map test
And yes, I checked CastShadow, and I checked max graphics
it doesn’t looks the same

Studio Lighting

Map Test Lighting

Whats up with that?

FECM map and studio have separate setting:
In Studio, there is a “Lighthing” object where you an change lighting (obviously)
In FECM in map kit there is a “Settings” folder, inside it “Lighthing” folder where you can change lighthing settings like in studio
tbf, this lighting is not bad

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yeah but
is there any way to have them look roughly the same?

Change FECM settings same as “Lighting” object

thats what i did, and theres still a big difference

What is your graphics level?
Edit: nvm I just read, sorry. Kroha is right though.

for studio or Map Test?

My studio graphics is Level 21
with quality level Automatic (I don’t know if that helps)

For map test i tried all the graphic levels

I know hes right
but the lighting is the exact same as far as I know
I even double checked
so I don’t know

i’ve had this same issue, the lighting appears a bit different
also the effects (Blur, DepthOfField, etc) don’t work but that just might be my fault

no its cause diffuse and the other thing are set to 1

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what’s diffuse what

  • Reason (Why is different)

FE2 Have some lighting mechanics what is not able in a map
In underworld laboratory is weird too, so isn’t a bug

let me show you (…if roblox even loads)

@XxrobloxmsterrxX that’s the reason why

yes, I know
my question wasn’t what is wrong, my question was how to fix it

What lighting is it in studio?


So something I would suggest is mess around with the clock time until you get it to almost look identical or smth

oh right thats probably the problem
i check on that thanks
ill tell you if it worked or if it didnt work