What is the hardest FE2 challenge?

So maybe some people feel really pro on FE2 and tried to make the game harder without changing the map. So some people make a “Challenges” to make the game more harder and challenging. This thing was already exist on 2017-2018.

So here is some challenges, what do you think is the hardest challenge?

  • Backwards Challenge

This challenge was first introduced by an old player called PineKones, he made a challenge where you will using shift lock to make you locked the screen to watch behind while walking backwards. This challenge was really difficult back then, and the master of this challenge is Lugia731.

  • 1st Person Backwards Challenge

This challenge is basically backwards challenge but instead of using shift lock, its using 1st person camera which will make your view limited, so you need to pretty much memorize the whole level to beat it with this challenge.

  • Mobile Challenge (w/o shift lock)

FE2 is pretty hard on mobile platform because of the lag, low fps, and hard control. So some people try to beat hard maps on mobile platform and now its become pretty popular challenge. However, the challenge become easier because now mobile shift lock exist.

  • og God Challenge

This challenge was pretty forgotten, due to Crazy deleted the shop on Map Test, the challenge are can’t be played now. But on the old days, this challenge was like the blindest challenge ever created. In the challenge you need to beat the level in first person with distracting aura with graphics 10. Its was pretty hard to do if you ask me.

  • Trackpad/ Touchpad Challenge

This challenge is pretty underrated. So basically in this challenge you need to beat the level using trackpad on your laptop instead using mouse. It was pretty hard if you didnt used to it.

So which challenge is the hardest one? If you think you can do all of these challenge you can comment more harder challenge and I will try it and suffer.

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I think the hardest is the 1st person backward challenge since you have to memorise all the jumps.
Quick edit: I don’t think anyone will be able to do the challenges unless you practice for 24 hours a day lol.

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og god challenge all the way
I remember @awsomemagicmasterYT doing a kukkai map like that
that was like the god of hard maps
nOw iTs bEANoS

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actually now that I mention kukkai
kinda wanna play a map by him tbh

I remember when kukkai’s maps was the hardest map on fe2, and those maps are original and some of them has really nice details for 2018 maps. Now its just layout and buff


sadly that’s what it is now
really went down hill
im honestly not trying to be mean to this person but Richard kind of made buffs spark in popularity
and sorry but Pun9248? I don’t remember ur name but u make good content also did contribute to their popularity

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idk prob the first person backwards challenge

i haven’t done any of these sooo

none of them. the only hardest one is trying to do the deadly challenge 100 times

Imma say something else other than all of those.

Hardest thing ever will be to do SFHV (Startup Failure Hecc Version) while blindfolded and do it backwards while doing something it 1B times in a row (this is a joke pls don’t kill me).

Or hence, (not related to FE2), doing Galaxy Collapse (not the FE2 one, the GD one by Trusta) while screaming in the whole level because the song told you so, and then having to look away from the screen while smashing the buttons.

The hardest challenge for me is this.

I call it. Only for pros

Backwards, first person, looking up at all times.

But here is a fun challenge but it’s suffering.

I call this one, crazy cam

The point of the challenge is to turn your sensitivity to the max. (Not 4 on the bar thing) crank it to 100! (Yes you can type the number thing)

Another challenge which is the opposite.

I call this one, stiff camera

Turn your sensitivity to the lowest possible. (0.01)

Moving your mouse is very hard as the camera nearly doesn’t move.

Now this one.

I call this one, no mouse for you.

You can play normally but you cannot use your mouse or anything to move your camera.

And probably the most impossible

I call this one, ok, challenge accepted

Backwards, first person, max or lowest sensitivity, screen turned off

The most worst one

I call this, “lag”

You can make this harder but you need a low end pc and try to get the fps below 10 or 5.

And those are just random I just said.

But maybe. I’ll do some challenges for a video for fun.

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Playing FE2 without roblox