What is the sound ID for the water going down in flood escape 2?

Does anyone know the sound ID for the water going down because I need the ID for the sound used in maps like beneath the ruins when the lava moves down. Thanks!


How would I apply the sound to the water when I hit the button?

you add an object value, name it _Sound#, and then paste the ID from what I remember. Honestly don’t rely at me idk how any of this works but this is how I remember it working

i know how to do the sound, i just need to know how to make it work and where i would put the sound

In the water that moves down


Insert a “Sound” and name it “_Sound#”, replace the # with the number of the button you want it to play on. Change the “SoundID” in the “Properties” tab to the numbers I gave.

I already figured it out. Thanks anyway.