What is your ranking of the Flood Escape 2 maps?

Hello! I’m just curious to know everyone’s opinions on the official Flood Escape 2 maps. The rankings can be for any part of the map’s design or a mixture of them.
My ranking is (Worst at the top, best at the bottom):
Forgotten Tombs.
Lava Tower.
Crystal Caverns.
Marred Dreams.
Dark-Sci Forest.
Abandoned Facility.
Sky Sanctuary.
Cave System.
Decrepit Seas.
Lost Desert.
Poisonous Valley.
Castle Tides.
Flood Island.
Wild Savannah.
Construction Thrill.
Graveyard Cliffside.
Lost Woods.
Dark-Sci Facility.
Gloomy Manor.
Sinking Ship.
Buried Oasis.
Familiar Ruins.
Sedimentary Temple.
Magmatic Mines.
Blue Moon.
Oriental Grove.
Snowy Peaks.
Beneath the Ruins.
Poisonous Chasm.
Sunken Citadel.


I’ll do my list of Insane & Crazy maps because there’s a lot of maps.
My list is organized in the same format.

  • Abandoned Facility: it’s a really simple map and the most interesting part is the end which consists of a single button that you’re given plenty of time to get. Water maps like this one tend to drag quite a lot.
  • Familiar Ruins: This map is pretty easy, a lot more entertaining than Abandoned Facility, but it still feels very short and simple. There’s not much to say about it other than that.
  • Gloomy Manor: Unlike the previous levels, this one has more in store for all the players, and requires a bit of teamwork. The only issue with this map is a technical issue that allows players to glitch through the entire map without pressing a single button.
  • Lost Desert: A really fun Insane map, only complaint is that the map is filled with random invisible objects in the last section, but besides that it’s a really fun Insane map.
  • Sinking Ship: One of the most fun maps in FE2, the whole map design is really unique in comparison to the other maps, and it truly feels like a “Sinking Ship”.
  • Beneath the Ruins: It’s nicely designed and the gameplay is fun. No issues with this map.
  • Blue Moon: This map made me want to play FE2 again after quitting ROBLOX for a few months and it was fun trying to learn the map. I don’t like the part after the lava walls/first slide and the first wall jumps section is not fun either.
  • Magmatic Mines: Best map design in any map so far and the gameplay is really fun. Honestly, I was hoping it’d be a bit harder, but the map is good overall.
  • Poisonous Chasm: A really fast paced fun map. It feels very balanced through the whole level and my only complaint is the ending section of the level, but it isn’t that big of a deal.
  • Dark Sci-Facility: My favorite map, this map is the most iconic map addition in FE2. The level design gives the level plenty of personality and I miss the glowing/fading walls in the second section of the map. The soundtrack is really nice and it’s probably my all time favorite FE2 map.

I didn’t have much to add about each map since they’re all really neat maps lacking any real issues.


I honestly probably have the highest ranking for Fallen out of anybody.

Dark Sci-Facility is kind of overrated, but with that aside, it’s actually pretty good. And the OST, even though it is sort of basic, it’s catchy and it fits the map really well.

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pretty sure some of them got fixed

I honestly think Fallen is not the greatest Crazyblox map. The concept is pretty cool, but it could’ve been a lot more detailed. It’s basically just grassy platforms, and boom! Done.

Very true. I admit Fallen’s not perfect, it could definitely use some work, but I still think it’s kind of overhated.

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I agree. Fallen doesn’t deserve that much hate. Sure, it’s lacking a lot in detail, but that doesn’t mean that you should hate it. Gameplay is an aspect for a map too.

all i’ll say is the worst is forgotten tombs and the best is dark sci facility

i’d add everything between and describe the maps but to be honest i don’t feel like writing an essay at 6 pm lol

I honestly think Forgotten Tombs needs to be completely redesigned. With maps like Axiom and Fallen, you can make some kind of excuse or give them a bit of touch-ups to make them better (Sunken Citadel was rather low on my list before it got revamped in all honesty), but Forgotten Tombs just can’t really. The map was fine as an event map, but it got shoehorned in as a permanent map because… reasons. Compared to Blue Moon, Beneath the Ruins, and other maps released around that time, Forgotten Tombs just feels off.

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it’s more of just being overrated

overrated as in it gets voted in every server

And I think for some people, the end can get kind of confusing. ShadowMap made the end darker so it may be harder for new or even experienced players.

Also I think I commited a grave sin by admiting I dislike Dark-Sci Forest and Lava Tower.

Good thing I have a tier list I made last year


I don’t like them either

Forgotten Tombs ngl is a bit cramped in some parts
Infiltration too
Crystal Caverns is only swimming like Abandoned
Mysterium kinda cramped too
Fallen needs a whole revamp. Literally just copy and pasted parts.
If crazyblox didn’t make it him self,
the first time he sees it by somebody else it’s already a no for him.
It’s pretty unique though.
Marred Dreams is nice, last part is a bit rushed but I understand why because it was needed to revive the game.
Dark Sci- Facility/Forest are GREAT maps
Poisonous Valley is great because it’s basically Poisonous Chasm but a whole different story XD
Cheese moon is nice, but I’m kind of mad they didn’t use pepperjack cheese :<
Magmatic Mines is the most detailed ngl but if that’s added why can’t Mineshaft Madness get added
Sunken Citadel is more beautiful then my turtle learning to walk faster than a car out of gas and somebody pushing for more than 30 miles.
Graveyard Cliffside is nice, especially the ghost wall, If Gloomy Manor could have a lava wall too, the maps would be r e l a t e d
Buried Oasis is beautiful, relating to Sunken Citadel
Wild Savannah is cool but some of the jumps in the first part bother me
Sedimentary used to be my least favorite, but now I spam in the chat to vote it.
Snowy Peaks old OST was better, but also one for my favorite maps.
Castle Tides is WAY too hard.
Axiom is cool.
Lava Tower could be EXTENDED probably.
Construction Thrill is another favorite because it brings a new construction theme to the game.
Sinking Ship is attractive.
Beneath The Ruins is really nice especially the water rising down.
Sky Sanctuary old OST pls come back :<<
Flood Island is cool, if only at the end it could be a helicopter XD
Oriental Grove is cool
Lost Desert is nice and only one of the desert maps in the game
Decrepit Seas is nice especially the swimming section
Cave System is cool but make it the map longer plss

tbh i dont have time to do a whole list so ill just do worst, best & honorable mentions

best map: sunken citadel. it has so much detail and the gameplay is pretty nice. i like how it managed to incorporate a small swimming section, and the OST is amazing.

worst map: didnt wanna make it fallen, but i can’t think of anything else with less detail lol
also there isn’t even a ost, it’s literally marred dream’s ost backwards

honorable mentions for best map:
construction thrill, poisonous chasm, buried oasis

honorable mentions for worst map
wild savannah, graveyard cliffside, lost desert

I should probably move some stuff around

Not so much maps but i will put the good maps(also revive but not in order the list):
Sunken Citadel
Poisonous Valley
Beneath The Ruins
Construction Thrill
Snowy Peaks
And Graveyard Cliffside (2020 Ver)

Sinking Ship - Best map in gameplay and detail.
Dark Sci-Facility & Forest - The best map in design/idea.
Crystal Caverns - The most fun map to play
Fallen - The monochrome makes it awsom
Almost all the other maps for me are the same - Cool but could use a bit better design or gameplay.
The worst map for me is:
Poisonous Chasm - not cause i can’t beat it. It’s cause it is a literal poisonous valley rip-off kind of map. It has good detail. But the gameplay is just rushed and thrown in just to be “unique”.
this is my opinion. IF people can even read this