What map do you want me to remake?

title says it all

alright, grumble volcano it is

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under the rainbow by peridamon pls


uh maybe

Water Acid is an nostalgic map, i remember Pomdigma playing it when fe2 is just an r6 moving character

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Boiler Room, Chemical Plant, Collapsing Bridge, Coming Of Land and Grumble Volcano are goods nostalgics maps (In my opinion), and with your building skills, they are be awesome maps!

Suggestions (why I’m doing this?)

  • Chemical Plant:

Added the PLANT part.

  • Collapsing Bridge:

Put other music or BGM


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Will remake them tomorrow, but will have to do Chemical Plant first

I really like this map, but put plants in remake, please.

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ok then

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Thsi it’s being awesome, I like the details…

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Will remake some maps since I have nothing to do after fixing old FE1 /shrug

That’s an IP belonging to Nintendo

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wait what

it’s a map by rareheaddress

He means the flood escape map created by Rareheaddress, but I don’t think rare got sued by Nintendo for making that, though

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Grumble Volcano is a track on Mario Kart Wii.

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Chemical Plant Re-make is finished


i don’t remember that map lol

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It’s a map by Foofy aka Volcaneo101