What maps mean a lot to you?

What are some maps that are important to you? Like if you beat a level, if you worked on it, or even if you really really love it. Some of mine are below.

First ever test map I played. Even though the creator was not a good person, I really liked the map.

Northern Cordillera
Once test map went to ID only, I went to this map because it was the only one I knew the ID of. I kept playing it and tried to beat it in under a minute. I never did.

Technological Destruction
To this day, it’s the hardest map I have beaten. It took me 7 hours to beat. I hated it, but I love it too.

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ok thennnneeeee

Eternal Frost
one of the first easy maps i played that i found from the forums

Closing Hours
one of the first easy maps i played that i found from the wiki

one of the first easy maps i played that i found from the forums x2

why did i list only easies re

  1. The real challenge: I hate This map but its the only map which I memorized the id of (besides my maps in 4928286293)
  2. Annihalated Academy: I loved that map and would always play it back then.
  3. Clash: Probably the hardest map ive beaten, im unsure though.
  4. Electrical Malfunction: Gave me lots of motivation
  5. Valley Fields: Also gave me motivation
  6. Water Pump Facility: Also gave me motivation
  7. Lighthouse: Motivation
  8. Technological Destruction and Nine Circles: Really cool maps that have a great design
  9. Button Chaos: Remember we and my friend playing this map for like an hour
  1. YRGB (One of or some of the earliest maps I played since I started map test)

  2. Burning Ruins (Pretty much shows how much I have changed in map making overtime since this first map)

  3. Dystopia (Really hard but played this map for years and never beat it.)

  4. Fede’s maps (Probably the only maps I do find fun in them or something.)

evacuation (first ever fe2cm map i played)
[something] quarry (one of my favorite maps from when you could write name of map)
blue moon (first every crazy i beat)
nothing else because yes

Electrical Malfunction. Will always hold a special place to me, to me now the map just shows that anyone can improve yes it took like 2-3 years but it was by far worth it. I remember a while back I tried making my first game but failed I then took a hiatus on Studio and wasn’t interested. After I started working on EM and learning new things it made me curious to see how unique I can make it and came up with alot of crazy ideas over time.

Long story short without this map I wouldn’t be here today

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Atticism Laboratory - 1st Map collab that I host
Turkeyhood Estate - amazing and my favourite map

The overflow 2020: the map was pretty challenging but the design and all were pretty outstanding. I also like the colour transitions in the ascend areas.

Electroman Adventures: a pretty fun and nostalgic insane.

Forsaken foundation and rainy hillside: fed’s best maps ever.

There are many more but that would take eternity to write

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destination-cause i love stories
inverted world-first map test i have ever played
candyland-only place where i can eat as much candy as i want

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map making kit - come on, we all needed this for maps



Castle Tides just kidding, probably Low Tunnel since that’s the only map I’ve helped on, and Electrical Malfunction just because it’s a really cool map lol

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  • Old Apartment
    The first ever insane map I beat, it was on 2018 so when I play that map I always feel nostalgic.

  • Mechanic Lava Valley
    The map that inspire me to make maps.

  • Enszo’s Timeline
    Inspired me to made my own timeline. And its now done.

  • Button Chaos and Stubway
    This was the map where me and my friends played for hours. Most of them are already quitted now.

  • Asiatic Abode
    My own map that made me getting recognized.

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its-its jaw