What music do you think is better?

I want to find some good OST for Molten Metro, And I’m wondering what will sound better. Vote here:

  • Amuro Vs Killer - Mei (Also in The Real Challenge)
  • Undertale - Finale (Also in Under Ruins)
  • BoomKitty - Power Trip
    If you want to suggest more, comment below, but please don’t suggest any Pokemon music.

Post images here so I can help you
Judging by the name I suggest Undertale - Another Medium.

Music really fits the theme!

used in Reboot (Insane) by @Kroha

Another Medium is not owned by Kroha
And also Waterflame music is used everywhere, so what’s wrong with using Another Medium

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I agree with @givemenameplzRBLX.

probably because fe2 map makers loves waterflame’s music lol

You know the name it’s Chaos King, right?

@moderators Please close this, this post was for a map no longer in development.