.what the hell is wrong with eventscript

i’ve barely changed anything and it still doesn’t work


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what did you change?

ah you don’t have an end

so add an end at the end

theres no need for an end, check ur exploreer to see if the script refrences are matching

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If the eventscript is enabled. Disable it. Since it will run before the map loads in. (From what I learned converting my maps into Eventscript for FE2 2017, but might be different idk)

Also looks like the eventscript works fine. But if it doesn’t work. The script maybe can’t reference or find the _Water#

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you did put Lib.Map._Water1
if you change the location you need to move from the Intro for the map
if _Water1 is on Intro you need to put Lib.Map.Intro._Water1

Not sure, but try to replace the dot (.) in from of “setWaterState” and “moveWater” with colon (: ) it may work

  1. The script name need be: “EventScript”, if the name be: “MapScript” you will need change all script to the old script version.

  2. Are you sure if all things on script is in map? If yes, look again the step 1. If no, rescript the EventScript and look the step 1.

Only this :stuck_out_tongue:

event script must be cursing on me because i’ve done both of these and there’s still nothing that works

it might be something with the version of mmk i chose because the on the one i chose, the eventscript was named “instructions”

but going out to everybody, even though my answer was not found, thanks for trying to help

can you send a screenshot of the explorer

Yes, bcuz it’s hard to know what is happening with the script.

yeah sure, here you go

also btw ungrouped intro at the beginning and also removed that in the script

I think is bcuz you put EventString and EventScript, you only need remove 1.

you have to remove eventstring and enable eventscript

and if that doesn’t work, have you pasted the script from isntructions to eventstring?

these ideas are going a little off what i thought

might have to restart everything lo

do you have the script before so we can see the difference?

no lol

never thought of taking a picture

try make this