What the hell just happened with teleporting

i was building my last map and was testing it. Everything worked SMOOTHLY! but then. at the end i randomly die cause i teleported. maybe it was cause of the time limit cause i touched the exit region too late. But still im reporting this just in case. Crazyblox add teleporting back. atleast only for FE2CM

no it’s the anticheat



yes its the anticheat the worst fe2 feature

it tells me this after i die: “no lol”. I have teleporters in the map.

that is anticheat.

crazy didnt even make the game up-to-date with primary, meaning wall-jump bugs can occur

Do You Mean The Wall Jump Bugs That As Soon As You Finish The Wall Jump It Yeets You Out The Map?

I Have That.

teleporters. read the title. two pads. ANyOne uNdErStANDS?