What would YOU guys like to see in Pandora's Cluster v2? ✨

Since Overminted, a friend of mine, asked me to create this topic, I have decided to place this speech here just to let you know about the message from Pandora’s Cluster update! Here’s the message:

Message from MNT

Hello guys. You have heard that Pandora will have a v2 soon. That is correct. It hasn’t been put into works yet as of typing this. Our current plan is to improve the gameplay a lot. One thing I wish to change about Pandora is that it doesn’t rely on multiple rooms. In fact, I’m planning to make the next room after the tower a huge outside area, then you traverse into another station (take Blue Moon a bit as an example). Due to this, a lot of the rooms that are in the very current version won’t make it into v2 possibly. This topic is for you guys to suggest some good ideas that we can agree on, and might be put into works.

Please make sure the suggestion is sticking to the theme. You are allowed to suggest anything for the existing rooms (Start - Tower).

We might also make our own discord server, where we’ll post some random sneak peeks of v2.

As of typing this, I’m (MNT) still trying to figure out how the layout after the tower will look like. I’m planning it to be some pretty huge outside area with the 2nd station in view.
Main focus would be better gameplay and layout.

This is MNT, signing off.


i got like 2 notifs out of this wot
(possibly offtopic) mind putting v1 and v2 as seperate maps

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Yeah, I was thinking of adding a separated ID from the map… :thinking:


I like the map as it is
I don’t really have a problem


I mean I don’t have any feedback on it since it looks like it took 4 - 6 weeks to make and I don’t want to make you guys overtired

I don’t think it needs any changes

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Possibly script more effects because it seems bland, and add voicelines (for the text, I could try that lol)

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i played it but if anything i’d suggest for it to be less cramped

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Every time I played the map, it said it was timed out. Help.

that’s because it took too long to load

Too much stuff for my iPad to handle, I guess…

yeah I wouldn’t expect a mobile device to load up pandoras cluster

some devices can i think

If an iPad can load Pandora’s Cluster, it’s godly.

This will be a massive upgrade. :hammer_and_wrench:

Screenshot by Overminted



Pog Moment.

new backsotry of pandora: kirby but futuristic xd

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