What's happening now

So…alot of people was offline in 2020-03-25T10:35:00Z2020-03-25T09:40:00Z
So, I will explain what’s happened (because I’m the real creator of this dramas)

Well…all of this happened in my pessimists post…the first and second reply was off-topic and the third was who started this all (by Harri), he copypasta an post (I don’t know if was by Reddit), and everyone was quoteing this reply, aspa102 was the only guy who it’s in-topic (and he reply was just a warning and try to stop this), after that, NoobAtWork and LolIsNowExploiting have a little discussion…and this topic it’s dead with CallMeVbuck reply.

Next topic: Blizzard Factory it’s cancelled…for this start of topic, LolIsNowExploiting explain with one reply (I don’t know how I will show him)

“an announcement by @TimeNotDesign that said that blizzard factory is canceled
but ofc the copypasta made by harri “raided” this”

And the supposed raid it was by NoobAtWork_alt, and everyone started to say “stop with this” or other’s things like that, and after that the same thing happened to LolIsNowExploiting, but in this amount of people replying to LolIsNowExploiting,
Sugar_Void reply him and LolIsNowExploiting reply she, and the drama started, it was this situation:

TimeNotDesign = receiving 27 new notifications
Brwinpa = confused
Sugar_Void and LolIsNowExploiting = in drama

And the drama ends, and in the topic, me LolIsNowExploiting and Brwinpa was talking about Dimrain47 musics…but Sugar_Void fell really sad like:

It’s was she fault
She deserves to all of she replys be flagged or banned
And other’s things who created she recently posts

In my point:

Sugar_Void : Don’t left the community because you started a drama, I participated in 3 and I didn’t left the community

LolIsNowExploiting: Since you join the forum’s, you’re having too much drama, it’s recommended to stop with that.

TimeNotDesign: I was take a bath when this happened, because a played a lot of FEU with Brwinpa

Brwinpa: still confused…I guess

This topic don’t have any intention to offending anyone and if I offended, sorry.

And yes, it’s my fault because I created this topics

For people who checked this topic in first seconds, I added new things.

It’s all my fault ok

you called visual a she

I’ve decided to take a break now. Since I got suspended, I think a break would definitely make me more of a better person.

It’s my fault, I created the topic who you copypasta this.

i’m sorry for causing drama
i will make sure i will not cause drama ever again…


Oh sorry, I don’t even know the gender of all of you guys (yeah, I know this seems confuse).

I don’t blame you for thinking I was a girl. My name is kinda girly…

Oh okay, this it’s my first community who I partciped, so…

the what



being offline doesnt have anything to do with your drama

If you don’t know someone’s gender, it’d be respectful if you could just use they/them pronouns.

I never learned this, but okay, I will try.