What's some of the best ways to get motivation when making a map?

Hey everyone, this is gonna be my only post on the forum (aside from the map if I do make it).
I want to know your best methods to get motivation during map making, I have some ideas for a possible map, but I don’t feel like I’ll get enough motivation to make the map. Are you able to tell me some of the best methods or ways to get motivation?


I ask the same question bro


when you get the idea, keep working on it until you’ve finished, that way you don’t forget the opportunity to finish it.

another thing to remember is that our community can be quite harsh and disrespect something you made if it doesn’t fit the user’s “requirements”. so don’t think we’re gonna think it’s bad, and just keep working on it.

and then finally, you can just look at other maps and say “i wanna build like him” and then try.

this may not be taken as advice, but just use these prompts as granted and you may find yourself making a great map.


I have a few tips! They may not be helpful but they still keep me motivated!

  • Always try to find new ideas - This is mainly the reason why I still update AH. I always am able to get new ideas from people or myself. Your imagination is powerful, so I’m sure you could be able to come up with something!

  • Always believe - While it sounds corny and stupid, it’s true. You should always believe no matter what. I guarantee you that if you believe to the very end, you will be able to complete it.

  • Always try to get feedback - It might not be helpful but asking for feedback will definitely help you with the process of map making, but also it will keep you motivated to work on the map! Think of it as you have fans and they are supporting you. If you have support, you will be able to move forward.

  • Be creative - This kinda correlates to finding new ideas but be creative! You should never let limits stop you! Breaking those boundaries will allow you to be able to keep moving forward with the map. I should also mention that you try and take a bit of inspiration with you, it could possibly keep you motivated in the process.

Sorry if I wasn’t useful, I’m not good at things like this! Also I just want to say sorry.

That’s all!


Wish I could mark 2 solutions! Thank you for your tips guys, I will use these!


you’re welcome! if you ever need any help you can rely to us. :+1:


Im late and theres a solution already but i usually listen to music and i get this feeling i have to make a map (maybe its just for me idk)

I can help you make a map if you wish

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