What's something special about you?

We all have special things about ourselves, so lets share them!
I actually write like this

hand reveal lol!!

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it is indeed
just like I did a voice reveal

i learned i have the power to skip every detention without being caught

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imagine having to have detentions
I’m surprised one of my friends haven’t been suspended or expelled

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I eat things in public using a tissue
for real tho i act do

I somehow am able to get ideas and inspiration quickly, yet I don’t build what’s in my head, nor do I feel like attempting to lol

ok real something:

i put my minecraft tools on the right side of the toolbar, not the left

im dead inside whenever im at school, feeling depressed and down, acting like a mentally ill person doing nothing

that’s how special i am

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thank you very informative

i play games for like 7 hours a day

I am liked by the teacher
but im not one of those suck-ups

i’m a 24 hour party person, dw

your eyes must have expired by now

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to be fairly honest it’s true

i have this in my roblox favourites


i got a monitor with EYE PROTECTION

i like glamorous things lol

annoiyng oragne!1!

i was snooping around in errlich’s games and found this