(what's the point of this) 200 questions by crystal

yeah i guess

  1. if you had a gift for your birthday, what would it be?
  2. what do you aim for the future?
  3. who do you least trust?
  4. would you forgive someone who made fun of you?
  5. how is 2020 for you so far?

new questions:

  1. if you made tons of money off youtube, what would you do with it?
  2. how would you describe your best friend?
  3. how are you feeling so far?
  4. what do you think of me?
  5. if a popular roblox youtuber friended you, how would you react?
  6. how many times have you raged at any game, map etc?
  7. if someone spammed the same invite link, how would you respond?
  8. favourite ice cream flavour?
  9. when was the first time you went to a different country?
  10. do you prefer jtoh or toh?
  11. how would you describe the gacha community at this point?
  12. if you became mod, what would you change or do?
  13. which fe2 youtuber do you like? (you cannot count yourself)
  14. what vpn do you use?
  15. if you were to learn a new language, what would it be?
  16. how would you rate your creations out of 10?
  17. favourite forum moderator (including former)
  18. what’s so bad about pineapple pizza?
  19. which discord server is your permanent? (basically you talk in that specific discord server a lot)
  20. if you were to have a time machine, where in time would you rewind to?
  21. how do you feel about my state right now?
  22. 2019 or 2020?
  23. do you sometimes usually sleep at late times?
  24. if you were to move to a different country, what would it be?
  25. undertale or deltarune?
  26. what thing made you laugh so hard?
  27. which nostalgic youtube video do you remember when you first discovered youtube?
  28. how many times were you hurt?
  29. how many times have you been bullied at school
  30. if you were to move to a different community, what will it be?
  31. which user would you stay away from in the community?
  32. milk, dark, plain or white chocolate?
  33. who do you completely despise the most?
  34. is it okay to feel depressed?
  35. how would you describe me as a person?
  36. have you shown weakness once?
  37. would you be neutral or hostile in drama? (any drama)
  38. which overdetailed map can your pc run?
  39. minecraft or terraria?
  40. how would you describe piggy?
  41. if you were to bet 10 million dollars on anything, what would it be? (can’t say nothing or something that’s easy to do)
  42. is it okay to have other posts similar to this?
  43. how would you rate my maps?
  44. which game on roblox would you stay away from?
  45. what do you think of adventure forward 2? (https://www.roblox.com/games/3376658928/Adventure-Forward-2-Restored)
  46. ethan76167 or veryfakeguest?
  47. which youtuber did you first start watching when you discovered youtube?
  48. if you started a general post, what will it be for? (e.g memes)
  49. what is your most liked reply/post?
  50. what made you cry?
  51. who in your family do you hate the most?
  52. if you were to sleep and wake up in the future, which year would you wake up in?
  53. have i broke any of your feelings?
  54. do you feel bad about your past?
  55. what do you think of annadev?
  56. baseplate or castle tides?
  57. what would society be like if anything bad never existed?
  58. what would you change if you became the owner of fe2?
  59. is this post getting depressing?
  60. what do you like about the forums?
  61. reality check through the skull or megalovania camellia remix? (camellia remix is my favourite)
  62. which non-roblox game is your favourite?
  63. which school subject do you hate?
  64. opinion on arsenal?
  65. who do you think is reasonable on the forums?
  66. how is quarantine for you?
  67. opinion on overdetailed maps?
  68. favourite music genre? (e.g pop, dubstep, etc)
  69. favourite snack?
  70. what year do you think you had the worst in your entire life?
  71. what made you depressed?
  72. if you were to make a megacollab team, what would it be called?
  73. what is your worst nightmare?
  74. what is domino’s worst nightmare?
  75. which country do you think is the worst?
  76. when was the first time you were grounded and what were you grounded for?
  77. which city do you like?
  78. favourite 3d shape?
  79. do you have a fear of heights?
  80. hell of heaven?
  81. how many times were your electronics taken away by your parents?
  82. biggest achievement?
  83. which was your hardest map in fe2 (mt included)?
  84. robux or bobux?
  85. favourite cake flavour?
  86. have you ever tried stuffing your mouth with ice?
  87. best friend?
  88. how would you rate my maps out of 10?
  89. what does itnol mean?
  90. how would you rate your own maps out of 10?
  91. should the word “overrated” just banish?
  92. hoodies or jackets?
  93. favourite fizzy drink?
  94. opinion on pepsi?
  95. do you dislike your family sometimes?
  96. who do you think is passionate in the community?
  97. opinion on jojo?
  98. favourite meme?
  99. which non-horror film scared you?
  100. how’s your country right now?
  101. is anime a sin?
  102. opinion on k-pop?
  103. scale of 1-10 how smart are you?
  104. favourite fruit?
  105. what’s the worst mistake you made in your entire life?
  106. what’s the most painful thing you ever had?
  107. will lighthouse get in to fe2? (it’s cool ngl)
  108. how would you describe yourself with subreddits?
  109. how would you describe roblox moderation in 3 words?
  110. what’s the one thing someone asks an artist to do?
  111. favourite pet?
  112. do you prefer using mobile or computer?
  113. how would you describe your friends in 30 words or less?
  114. how many times were you friendzoned?
  115. opinion on any community you’re in?
  116. first roblox game you played?
  117. if you had the ability to stop time for how long you want to stop it, what would you do?
  118. if you controlled the world, what will you do?
  119. opinion on mobile game ads?
  120. thoughts on traditional food?
  121. what game gave you the most rage?
  122. browser you usually use?
  123. if you were to bring back one roblox feature what would it be? (e.g tix)
  124. what’s the longest time you stayed up before you went to sleep?
  125. how many times have you been in trouble by your teacher at school?
  126. are plushies cute?
  127. scott cawthon or yanderedev?
  128. opinion on fe2 fangames?
  129. when did you join the forums?
  130. if you saw someone sitting at a bench alone depressed, what would you do?
  131. do you think that the game should have in-game moderators because of hackers and stuff like that?
  132. favourite action film?
  133. endgame or infinity war?
  134. are you allergic to nuts?
  135. opinion on milkshakes?
  136. what would life be like without COVID-19?
  137. what do you think of enszo’s maps? (i think they’re great)
  138. is diceman190 a god?
  139. how would you react if you woke up one day and the entire world is completely filled with pineapple pizza?
  140. how would you react if you met a celebrity?
  141. usa or uk? (they both speak same languages but have different outcomes)
  142. storyfire or vlare?
  143. favourite rhythm game?
  144. opinion on arsenal? (not the football team)
  145. favourite animal?
  146. opinion on sonic the hedgehog?
  147. opinion on super smash bros?
  148. opinion on mario?
  149. what do you think of trolls?
  150. is it okay to make jokes about someone who is miserable?
  151. opinion on richardiosrbx? (no hate against him. i think he’s a chad)
  152. what 2nd, 3rd, 4th language do you want to learn?
  153. do you believe in ghosts?
  154. do you think shipping causes drama?
  155. what’s the dumbest thing that has happened to you on roblox?
  156. opinion on wallhopping?
  157. opinion on dance glitching? (basically you hug the wall, jump until you’re still, face the side of the character, do /e dance2 and after that you clipped.)
  158. opinion on corner glitching?
  159. opinion on complex obbies?
  160. do you accept criticism?
  161. favourite subreddit?
  162. how many times were you suspended?
  163. what do you think of your country’s leader atm?
  164. how do you travel to school?
  165. scooters or bicycles?
  166. what’s the difference between skateparks and playgrounds?
  167. opinion on super nostalgia zone?
  168. if you got involved in a situation (any situation), what would you do?
  169. do you think usage of swear words are bad?
  170. who is the most funniest user on the forums?
  171. what is your favourite acronym?
  172. opinion on asdfmovie?
  173. what tier are you when it comes to obbies? (basically tiers are difficulty spikes. tier 1 is easy and tier 20 is completely impossible)
  174. do you think you can make it up for 2021?
  175. what’s the most cringiest thing you ever seen?
  176. favourite season? (winter, spring, summer, autumn)
  177. what was the first ever “minigame” genre roblox game you ever played?
  178. favourite minigame? (four corners, bombs away, etc)
  179. opinion on sandbox games?
  180. what was the lowest temperature ever recorded in your country?
  181. muffins or cupcakes? (they are technically the same thing but muffins are bigger)
  182. favourite breakfast?
  183. favourite lunch?
  184. favourite dinner?
  185. favourite fast food?
  186. china, korea or japan?
  187. what’s the one thing that made you cry?
  188. favourite flash game?
  189. opinion on funny numbers?
  190. do you like snow?
  191. chewing gum or bubble gum?
  192. salt or pepper?
  193. vikings or pirates?
  194. what time do you usually wake up when it comes to school?
  195. if you were to move to a different country, what would it be?
  196. favourite game developer?
  197. do you want 2021 to be a better year?
  198. do you enjoy spending time with your friends?
  199. one thing you like and dislike about school
  200. if you were to move away from youtube to another platform, what would it be? (e.g vlare, storyfire, vimeoz etc)
  201. what do you usually do in your daily routine?

208. opinion on Gen-Z humour
209. triangles or squares?
210. favourite wikia (fandom)
211. whose death in any game made you cry a lot?
212. if you were banned or suspended for any amount, what would you do?
213. what sport do you really want to learn? (i want to learn ice skating)
214. have your parents ever tortured you to do their bidding?
215. favourite vr game (it doesn’t matter if you haven’t played it)
216. which 4 elements would you pick? (if you know avatar, the last airbender, you’ll understand)
217. grandayy or dolan dark
218. pewdiepie or t-series
219. rock paper or scissors?
220. if you never saw the day of light ever again, what would you do?
221. one music genre you least like?
222. do you forgive me for all the apologies i have made on the forums?
223. do you feel dead in the inside?
224. what about the outside?
225. pokemon or digimon
226. magic the gathering or yugioh
227. anime or manga
228. how many times have you been bored in life?
229. have you ever been home alone?

extra questions will come around when this post is edited

posts of inspiration:

  1. lego
  2. mediocre cook, programmer
  3. i honestly dont know
  4. sure
  5. pretty good
  6. things
  7. good question
  8. i hit the side of my head with a metal pillar yesterday so i guess alright
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mediocre cook brothers

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  1. pretty good question, so eh idk
  2. being a good builder because i suq :pensive:
  3. some people i dislike, which i won’t name
  4. depending if they have changed or started to regret it
  5. in terms of mood and building skills: fine tbrh
    at least i am not that cringe idiot of what matzareb is Lol
    tho eh 2020 isn’t really a good year with the things going on
  6. idk, i probably would save it for later
  7. now that is a good question
  8. tired
  9. not a huge fan of you tbh
  10. i’d probably cringe :confused:
  11. now idk
  12. ignore
  13. choc
  14. uhh idk, 2014 when i went to germany for the first time i think
  15. none lol
  16. cringe :confused:
  17. i never wanted to become one tbh
  18. kayo, fededoesstuff, delta_a (yes)
  19. idk man
  20. 4 - 10
  21. dominocontributing cause he epic lad
  22. idk, kinda feels odd if you think about it
  23. my main account lol
  24. to september 2018
  25. quite sorry tbh
  26. england
  27. deltarune but i never played either undertale or that

a better laptop
computer graphics artist, programmer
i prefer not to say
absolutely garbage, i have no hope for 2021 or 2022

  1. A hug of my family and fan arts cuz Y E S
  2. Programmer
  3. On my family and friends
  4. if this people dont do fun with me anymore, so yes
  5. Well, it’s a bit hard, but, there was some worst years than this like 1916 or 1945
  1. a better computer, idk
  2. learn scripting and get better at building idrk
  3. lots of people but i dont wanna talk about it
  4. depends
  5. its eh
  1. apple products
  2. to move on from roblox
  3. derpydervee
  4. no and i don’t forgive people in this forum who harassed me
  5. good
  1. Can’t decide
  2. To just live my life
  3. Many people
  4. Depends on what they made fun of me for
  5. Kind of bad.
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1: Probably a better laptop (I wish, even tho I own a far better PC))
2: Being a game developer
3: Probably some irl friends (like at least 3)
4: depends on who they are.
5: Pretty bad and good.

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  1. Really good gaming laptop
  2. Learn various programming languages, shuffle
  3. My friends
  4. Oh yes, people make mistakes, but I might be careful with them
  5. Eh. I prefer 2019.
  1. just some clothes will do
  2. hard to say, I’d go with a musician, coder or mangaka
  3. almost everyone on the forums
  4. wont think much about it so yeah i guess
  5. :rage:

Are you here just to advertise

yeah thats a no from me dog

Nice to know you found this “art” I guess, in the back ally of a dumpster, but can you atleast read the guidelines before sending stuff like this?

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  1. Idk man, probably a headset and maybe some better video editing software.
  2. Game developer, or Youtuber (lol)
  3. You mean not trust? Idk
  4. No, because my experience has led me to know that they’ll do it again. Multiple times.
  5. I mean, I’m not being bullied in quarantine so yeah, pretty good.
  1. Anything besides things that I dislike
  2. Nothing
  3. People that I really hate
  4. Never
  5. trash

Why would you post that omg that’s like bypassing the r##

Technically it’s was SFW but it stills R28 so yeah

  1. no more viruses and wars + no more natural disasters.
  2. become a youtube blogger.
  3. cant say.
  4. never.
  5. thats kinda hard question. for me, nothing bad happened, aka. i didnt got covid (thanks god), no school. but lets take a look what happened to Belarus, USA, Beirut. I guess decent.
  6. I will help homeless animals
  7. hor-
  8. weird.