What's Voxel Lighting and how do i change it

So people were complaining that I don’t use the ‘‘Correct Lighting’’ And it has something to do with ‘‘Voxel’’ could anyone help me?

Open the explorer, scroll down, you should see “Lightning”. Click on it, open properties, choose “Technology” and choose “Compability”. Done!


voxel is basically shadowmap but no realistic shadows and glowing neon even at graphics 1


voxel is a garbage version of legacy (replaced with compability)
why roblox remove legacy D:

oh thats why when i play a game i blind my eyes ok

I personally like voxel lighting more plz no hate ;-;

I kinda do as it adds that neon without destroying my computer with graphics

voxel is better than legacy imo

but uuh why are we talking about this it’s been solved lol

nah its fun to see people’s opinion i personnaly prefer Voxel

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