What's Your Favorite FE2 Map? (Map Test)

I made this post after the real game one.
My favorite map is Destination.

Real Game Version: What's Your Favorite FE2 Map? (Real Game)

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Got to say Technological Destruction by veryfakeguest

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aesthetic creekside


Simplicity by Kayo
After The Glorious by Michael228p (even if it’s rigged as hecc)
Magmatic Mines by Shortroundzach
Pompeii by Shortroundzach
Mercury City by Dr_Right2 (not playable but videos exist on this map)
Eternal Clockwork by tiedgamer
Maligant Mangrove by uhhh idk snappycroc

Overdrive Revamp by creeperreaper487 & Kayo

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my favourite map is map kit


And not to mention

Nightingale Avenue by DeltaAimee
Mauve Grove by the one & only like-spam BigBoi!



Aesthetic Creekside by the Shattering Industries
Star Mines by the guy who made infernoplex
Mauve Grove by BigBoi
Lurid remaster by Zlurm
Shutdown by tony333444, weawea100vn
Endgame by Artexziz, VioletRhys89, a couple of bois
Western Mineshaft by The Enchanted Devs
Futuristic Prison by The Crazy Devs
Endzone by guys including givemenamepls
Laboratory Execution by Estheticalism, Krisscross102, Sxvently
Flood Freezer by Sugar_Void
Long Live the New Fresh by CrystalTokyo (surprisingly i like it)
inverse;DaSH by Spinkleblox and Raptor (random numbers)
Colorless Plateau by XSkyWarriorX
Pickles On The Seafloor by The Creative Trio
TRIA: Resurgo by TRIA
Digital Reality by tiedgamer
eternity by dumbweb

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Icy Environment and Destination



more like

there you go


<3 Thanks

I have a ton of favorite maps in map test but my favorite is Specortal by PlaceRebuilderre. The design well done, it’s creative, it’s a great map.

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Okay so, prepare for a really LOOOOONG list.

Flood Freezer by Visual_VDanox

City by Placerebuilderre & Dua555

Moss Valley by Jindijim

Marmalade Heights by Jindijim

Southern Island by Jindijim

Mercury City by Dr_Right2

Welcome to MT. Autumn by Dr_Right2

Junction by Dr_Right2

Ethereal Garden by tiedgamer

Combustion Cataclysm by Awesomee0 & MOPixels

Absolute Zero by Vorake

Ditched Factory by 0xit & Vorake

Palace Breakout Revamp by DeltaAimee & Occida

Snowdream II by Dr_Right2

Quarrine by DeltaAimee

Northern Cordillera by GustForce

Arctic Facility by GustForce

Placid Terrains by Zlurm

Hysteria by Zlurm

Rogue Seas by awesomee0

Precarious Puzzles by awesomee0

Flash Flood by ShadokuSan

Disco Disaster by ShadokuSan

Elevator Problems V2 by OriLePonytronic

Aesthetic Woodlands by Shattering Industries

Aquali Aquarium by beastsonicx & Guest_34821

Forgotten Valley by Michael228p_Dev

Engulfed Factory by ThePhoenixMurderer

Hidden Valley by TLC

GG-X by PlaceRebuilderre

the old city which i dont remember its name oof by PlaceRebuilderre

Workshop Breakout by disney12

Aquatic Temple by acejay_pro

Evening Turning Around by popp15, Moonfall and other person

Artifex Lignarius by popp15

Dense Swamp by JiroTheWolfie

Disoriented Storage by Overminted/Mac_mintedDev

Emerald Village by BoomBlox555

Super Tech PlayPlace Disaster by BoomBlox555

Jumper by MrRandomUser

Sunstopia by weawea100vn

Western Vicinity by ThePhoenixMurderer

Dilapidated Platforms by ThePhoenixMurderer

Quake Shore by DeltaAimee

Steampunk Island by Bubblegum

Malevolent Crossing by Awesom3_Eric



aww thonks dood

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God I wanna play those in FE2MT so badly

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especially malevolent. that map was so good

i cri because me cant play

Yea and it looks so good

even better than pandoras cluster lol (mat stop spitting out your wip maps)

I own a bootleg version of Forgotten Valley :thinking:

omg u gona stel and buf it!!! IM REPORT