Where do map developers find good music to add in FE2 Community Maps?

Hello! I just want to know where most map developers in FE2CM get their music from because I’m having trouble finding music that fits my map that I’m going to be releasing soon.

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idk I guess just look at some songs, find one that fits, then search it in the create section of roblox to see if its on roblox

I suggest choosing a song before starting a map

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nintendo is a pretty good source


ok, thank you!

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what’s the theme? I might be able to help you find a song

its a nature-themed map. its also easy difficulty, so im finding music that is not really intense.

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try going through game music
you can find really good ones

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like a grassland?

usually go to the jtoh wiki and find good songs from different towers

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yes, a grassland

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i see A Hat In Time and Waterflame usually being used

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Waterflame- Glorious Morning may be a good choice

if not, then try to look through other waterflame music, or a hat in time ost

you should listen to it btw, for many it would be nostalgia (me included), but seriously, its an awesome track

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Also newgrounds is a platform with everything from gd, so that website has some good song on it

Here’s another really good song: Song

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thank you!

might not fit but

this music fits well into my map! thank you!

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Recommended Artists:

  • Waterflame

  • Creo

  • LeaF

  • Meganeko

  • Bossfight (I think thats the name)

Games with good Musics:

  • Undertale

  • Sonic Mania

  • Super Mario

Here’s a wiki made entirely by me

Has some good artists on it but only three articles on songs

thank you for all of the suggestions! i will choose which music fits my map.

Videogame OSTs work great for levels, my favorites are the Sonic, Pacman, and maybe Terraria OSTs.