Where would you like to see new content updates?

I have a feeling it’s gonna be multiplayer maps, but what more specifically would you guys enjoy from me adding to the game?


Singleplayer mode like FE1 so I can play my favorite maps in peace without having to deal with people racing me to the button


G A M E M O D E Z 8 )

carrying a flag to the end of a level,

rush mode

collect the rings to open the door instead of hitting buttons and etc.

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Id like to see maybe a 0 gravity type map with no gravity or possibly like a rush thing with more platforming and maybe less buttons , but longer I dun no

I would like to see a multi step button where two or more people have to hit a button to activate it. I think a capture the flag mode would be fun.

There’s vip servers, but they cost robux

Reminds me of forgotten tombs’ butons to get the labryth badge

Extreme mode please

  2. Change 1.6.7_3 to 1.6.8 in intro
  3. More bonus rooms

Easy Servers (No Level Required) - Easy Normal And Hard Maps Only. Locking Is Disabled. I Need This. I PLAY SO MUCH INSANE I NEED A BREAK!!!

Solo Servers (Level 15+) - 1 Person Per Server (I Understand That FE2 Map test Exists. But We Cant Solo YOUR Maps Without A VIP Server!)

Secret Area Updates - Make Like 1 Square Have Another Secret And A Badge :smiley:

Dude this this topic for Flood escape 1

It Never Said That = =

make the gravity coil cost 100 wins

Stop bumping threads

Dang, this still active?

I don’t even know lol.

Just fix some bugs pls.

Fixx bugssss