Which Flood Escape 1 map do you hate the most?

A simple question: Which FE1 map do you hate the most? I don’t remember the names, but I quite dislike Pipeline due to it’s false difficulty. It’s also pretty confusing

I also dislike other ones but I don’t remember the names.

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Also yea hwhatever I got back to playing FE1 for no reason other than me trying to play endless lol

Flood Freezer + Power (i think outage) + pretty much all medium maps

FF: This makes you go back and forth and since it’s hard difficulty it rises pretty fast

Medium maps: buttons = yes which is bad since i suck lol

Power Outage: This map legit had you hitting 4-6 buttons and going up and down slopes to get buttons and it was confusing to the point where it was kinda rng

unknown order is still confusing for me

power tower has way too much walking included

scattering platforms is the worst because of that last jump

there’s more though
won’t be talking about it

somebody send me pic of a layout of an fe1 map

lol for me power tower is ez


Very unbalanced difficulty and confusing


oh yes vertigo

so much pain in this word

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power outage tower

ok so mine:
Vertigo, Overlook and This Is It

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I dont even remember any maps from the game ;w;


this is it is the most annoying one

like i need to get back everytime to press buttons

i forgot round ‘n’ round
that map is literally cancerous

oh yeah

vertigo is too confusing
there was this map which the exit wasnt a vent it was this dark elevator or whatever


the spinning things are PAIN

it is for me as well
its just it can be confusing for most players


one of the worst

Rushing pulse for the near impossible jump from the box to the platform and unknown order for it’s extreme cheesability.

I fear no map, but that mess… it scares me…
R u s h i n g--------P u l s e

Scattered Plattaforms?

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