Which maps did you beat? (In FE2, not map test)

Ok this is a huge one. This poll will take a while to make during the making of this topic.

If maps that say the name name but says old version, vote only if you beat it.

Also Autumn Hideaway is removed. Vote ONLY if you beat it before it got removed.

So uhh here you go.

Easy Difficulty:

  • Lost Woods
  • Castle Tides
  • Axiom
  • Poisonous Valley

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Medium/Normal Difficulty

  • Infiltration
  • Oriental Grove
  • Forgotten Tombs
  • Flood Island
  • Cave System
  • Decrepit Seas
  • Sky Sanctuary
  • Mysterium

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Hard Difficulty:

  • Lava Tower
  • Wild Savannah
  • Graveyard Cliffside
  • Graveyard Cliffside (Old Version)
  • Dark Sci Forest
  • Crystal Caverns
  • Autumn Hideaway (Removed, vote only if you beat it before)
  • Snowy Peaks

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Insane Difficulty:

  • Abandoned Facility
  • Dark Sci Facility
  • Familiar Ruins
  • Gloomy Manor
  • Beneath The Ruins
  • Lost Desert
  • Lost Desert (Old Version)
  • Sinking Ship
  • Sinking Ship (Old Version)

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Crazy Difficulty: (Only one so it’s single choice)

  • Blue Moon
  • Didn’t Beat it

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Ok I beat all of those maps (Except for Old Versions)
Graveyard Cliffside, I remember playing it, but I don’t remember.
Autumn Hideaway is a removed map, but I still beat it before it’s removal came.

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Just literally all of them except Blue Moon is hard. I take no offense.

every single insane that was old i never beat

OptimistGuy be like:


Sorry I had to.

rlly annoying cuz i beat blue moon practising in map test so that counts?

no, i don’t think so…

counts for me

well i guess since they r the same maps

i actually beat the old ver of lost desert and shinking ship but in fangames and old lost desert in studio

all of them except the old insanes

that moment when you beat all of them


Beat all except blue moon I’m pretty noob.

inocular you forgot northern workshop old and new version

i through its minecraft’s post lol


Oh no I can’t change it. (Can’t change poll after 5 minutes)

All of them, including Blue Moon. :+1:


Everything except Beneath the Ruins and Blue Moon.

I have completed all the maps!


brwinpa votes ‘lost desert old version’ and ‘sinking ship old version’
mentions he started fe2 in june 2018

How in the world can you do dsf and not btr-

lol get roasted by feder