(Whitelisted) Unsealed World

Story: It was normal in the old graveyard cliffside until crazyblox shut down the game so he could revamp the map but one person didn’t leave and graveyard cliffside was falling apart and now ran to the spawn in an unknown grassland. You went to the emergency lift (Not real) and said was regenerating the map, so you couldn’t escape. But then in the storage room (Not real either) had a secret door to a lift. Then the lift was moving up.

Pictures: Unknown grassland

Hidden cave

Emergency Room
Emergency lift

ID: 2136261202

Creator(s): The Four Creators / PaxAttack2010, TheGiftBox124, ProjectHeatens2 & TheBeast42780

This could be improved, where’s wedges?


a vid 4 u @Pax

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why graveyard cliffside thumbnail


  1. I’m lazy
  2. Graveyard Cliffside appears in this map, so Wynaut
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e.e ok

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why is it still the old title oof
i changed it to “very easy insane”

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is this Minecraft?
because it’s blocky


BGM : Super Meat Boy Rocket Rider

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The map is discontined and the map is not supposed to be with wedges, its supposed to be blocky because some maps are like no wedges because they don’t want them.

Welp! Lol.

ever want to revamp this?

maybe… once I complete the map I’m working on.
be way better than this lol

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i would like to know why pax liked this almost 2 years later

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because I revived this topic

Sometimes I just feel like doing old projects… sometimes I feel lazy and dont

wow. man

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