Whitelisting Question

I want to submit my easy map, Blu-Lands on the testing facility soon. But i’m not sure how. I have no idea how to whitelist it because Crazyblox never cleared the map queue since July. This is my first map, so I can’t just overwrite another map. Can a map dev plese help me?

he has cleared the queue, it uses a new channel in the discord server, when he whitelists the queue he posts a message.

ok so,
this is literally written in the description but oh well
you go to this game

then you go to ur models and find ur map you wanna whitelist
you copy the item’s id by clicking 2 times on the numbers in the url and then pressing ctrl + c

then you join the game and press on the bar where you can write the id, then press ctrl + v to paste ur id and press the button which says “whitelist” (or i forgot what it was called) and then wait a few weeks for crazy to whitelist it. check every 2 days to see if ur map is whitelisted or not in the regular fe2 map test. and im actually happy ur first map is an easy not a crazy :cowboy_hat_face:


I only wonder WHEN was the last time the queue got cleared.

Yes, I joined the FE2 Server but the map-whitelist-updates server part havent been changed ever since 12/10/19.

Thanks! I just needed to know the discord part.

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I wonder WHEN he cleared it

idk i rarely check fmt description anymore i just play maps lol

you must join their discord:

you will have to check the whitelisting chat (only-read) to see if the system has been cleared.

This is where you will need to paste the ID of your map and Crazyblox will buy your model, that means it will be whitelisted.

Just remind to put the model offsale to prevent buffs from happening.


ikr my first map was a normal (then put to easy). Insane was next then Hard. Let’s hope that all your maps aren’t Crazies @MythicalMudkipRBLX

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