Whitelisting Rigged?

I submitted a map when the queue was cleared a few weeks ago. It said that the map was eligible. Now it is saying it is not recognized when I load it, although the queue has just been cleared. Is there a reason behind this? I don’t think the queue was cleared because they only announced it on twitter. My maps are unplayable and I dislike it. Could there be a problem?

i dont know anything about that

What does it say?

Unrecognized model…

Wait what? That never appeared for me, you mean Couldn’t find in Inventory?

Just saying, you are allowed to only whitelist one map at once. I wonder if it says “Couldn’t find compatible maps!”

I keep getting “couldn’t find compatible maps”

Nope. It said model not in inventory before, but now it says unrecognized.

most likely, you put a space after the id, or wrote the id incorrectly. or the model isn’t grouped.